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The Ministry of health has approved a new drug for HIV prevention

The Israel Ministry of health approved the use of a group of drugs called PrEP, which reduce the chances of infection with the HIV virus that causes AIDS. This is the website of Jerusalem Online.

These drugs are used as prophylaxis. The Ministry of health reported that those who are interested in using PrEP, be able to obtain prescriptions for him in their sickness funds.

Thus, Israel joins countries such as USA, Canada, France, Belgium, and Norway have already approved the use of this drug.

PrEP is a group of medications that were originally used exclusively by those who are already infected by the HIV virus, whether carriers or patients, as one of the drugs they took regularly. In recent years, it has been proven that these drugs can also have a preventive effect researchers found that regular use of PrEP reduces risk of HIV infection during unprotected sex is approximately 96%.

For the application in Israel was approved drugs Truvada Gilead and Emtrivir Teva. Still the Israelis who wanted to use such drugs for preventive treatment, had to bring them to Israel, smuggling from abroad or buy on the black market.

Now they will be able to get a prescription for these medicines and purchase them at the pharmacy. However, PrEP is not included in the «basket of drugs». Prices range from 1900 to 2400 shekels per pack, which is enough for a month.

The Ministry of health has approved a new drug for HIV prevention 14.07.2017

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