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The mission of Russia is to withdraw from Syria will not allow pride. Review of the Russian media

Terrorist organization «Islamic state» organized a fairly complex bureaucratic system, including the special office dealing with military trophies, including slaves, as well as the exploitation of natural resources, primarily oil. Thus the IG develops the outer side of his power that helps him to control significant areas in Iraq, Syria and other territories, the newspaper «Kommersant» with reference to Reuters.

The documents fell into the hands of journalists, indicate the presence of IG a hierarchical bureaucracy and a fairly extensive sets of laws in the form of a religious fatwa. According to American officials, these documents help to understand how a small paramilitary group manages to control a significant space.

The Russians suggest that you celebrate the New year at home due to the threat of terrorist attacks. About this stated the head of the Federation Council Committee on social policy Valery Ryazansky. According to him, the official advice from the authorities has not yet been reported, however, in view of possible attacks, security measures should be strengthened, according to the same magazine.

«If you take Russia, we, of course, they’re in Russia they will not be able to commit a terrorist attack. Currently conducting counter-terrorism operations aimed directly against those who had declared their oath of IG on the territory of Russia» – said in connection with the increased threat the member of the presidential Council on interaction with religious associations Alexander Ignatenko.

Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich said that Russia will soon expand sanctions against Turkey. However, he stressed that Moscow’s goal is to refuse to cooperate with Ankara, but «an adequate response to the unfriendly actions» of the Turkish side is necessary, writes «Kommersant». A little later on the official website of the Kremlin published an updated decree on sanctions against Turkey.

American military analysts and official representatives of the United States recognized that the Russian operation in Syria has been and remains successful. About it writes on Monday, the «Rossiyskaya Gazeta», which refers to Reuters and sources in the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama.

«Assessment of the situation does not match the public statements of President Barack Obama and his top lieutenants, according to which Vladimir Putin was involved in the ill-conceived mission to support Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, on this operation hardly will be money, and it will likely fail,» the newspaper quoted the words of some experts.

In confirmation of this point of view journalists also cite statements by the representatives of US administration officials and military analysts who wished to remain anonymous. «I think there is no doubt that the Assad regime because of Russian support now is in a more secure position than before,» said an unnamed representative of the Obama administration.

Industrial Association of Germany warn about the negative consequences of the proliferation of national self-interest of individual countries-members of EU. They fear that the deep divisions in solving the problem of fast and large-scale influx of refugees to Europe, as well as other essential questions can lead to the collapse of the European Union, writes the edition, which references a Reuters poll.

The source indicated that the presidents main lobbying industrial unions warn Germany: the failure of the project «United Europe» could lead to a sharp reduction in welfare, economic growth and security. «Next year will be crucial for Europe – said the President of the Federal Association of German industry Ulrich Grillo. – I am concerned about the future of the European Union».

The head of «the Committee of civil initiatives» Alexei Kudrin, who previously held the post of Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation, likened in an interview to «Interfax» Russia’s spending on Crimea and Syria, noting: Crimea costs money and, according to his estimates, costs more than 200 billion roubles a year. Expenditure on operation in Syria is not very high: «For instance, cruise missiles, which the Russian VKS release the forces of ISIL (banned in Russia), you still fired on the teachings. Another thing is the cost of the defense as a whole. Laying two new submarine, which I read recently, maybe that will require money in annual terms, more than the Syrian conflict. But speaking about Russia’s participation in the Syrian events, should not be discounted additional, more serious than before, the risks of unintended incidents that could affect our relationship partners.»

«Izvestia» has published a regular column writer Eduard Limonov, head of the party the national Bolsheviks, who calls Russian intervention in Syria «mission» and insists on the necessity of a ground operation.

«Messianic inherently goal of Russia is to liberate the planet from the Caliphate, from this Evil, extremist sects are parasites on Islam. The Messianic appeal of Russia must inevitably be heard. You should go beyond the policy itself, on the level of the Messianic goal of saving humanity. Besides national pride will not allow Russia to withdraw from Syria empty-handed. We need to win and only after that to come away with the victory. The victory can only be achieved by ground operation. Russia has surprised, amazed and impressed all over the planet. Their intervention in Syria, we declared about itself as a great power. To leave without winning, I can’t. Therefore, let’s win,» says Lemons.

The mission of Russia is to withdraw from Syria will not allow pride. Review of the Russian media 28.12.2015

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