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The MoE has developed a program of assistance to students with attention deficit

Thursday, June 22, the Ministry of education introduced the program to assist middle school students who are struggling in mastering the material and having attention deficit.

The program was developed over the past two years, a special Department of the Ministry of education together with local authorities, teachers ‘ unions, parent committees and other bodies.

In the coming academic year will start trial activation of this program in 77 schools located in 15 towns and local councils. The programme must join sid in 2022.

Under the programme, teaching staff together with the consultants will be selected students in grades 7-9 who have difficulty in learning, and presumably suffer from attention deficit. For each of these students will be developed by the special programme of assistance in the study, but also in case of need of emotional therapy. At the end of the school year will assess the results of the programme for each student. The program lasts for three years, and if after this period there will be no serious changes in the educational achievements of the student, it will be sent for assistance in the psychological service of the Ministry of education.

Students to psychological services, will receive a subsidy for the passage of diagnosis. Based on the results, will develop a program of assistance to students while studying in high school. In particular, it will include the adaptation of exams, supplementary classes and other forms of assistance.

The MoE has developed a program of assistance to students with attention deficit 22.06.2017

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