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The Moscow city court will consider the appeal at the suit of relatives of Raoul Wallenberg to the FSB

20 February Moscow city court will consider the appeal on the claim of Marie von Dardel-Dupuy, niece of the Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, who saved during the war, tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews, reports «Interfax».

Marie von Dardel-Dupuis challenges the decision of the Meshchansky district court of Moscow from September 18, 2017, when the court refused to satisfy the claim of the relatives of Wallenberg to the FSB of Russia with the requirement to provide information about his fate after his arrest in 1945.

According to the official version of the Russian government, Wallenberg died in 1947 in Lubyanka prison – supposedly of a heart attack.

Raoul Wallenberg, who at the end of the Second world war, the post of first Secretary of the Swedish Embassy in Budapest, saved from the Nazis tens of thousands of Jews, giving them Swedish passports.

It is known that after the occupation of Budapest by Soviet troops, Wallenberg was arrested by the NKVD on suspicion of espionage and sent to Moscow, where he was held in Lubyanka prison. From Moscow, Wallenberg never returned. Accurate data about detention and/or death of the diplomat do not exist so far.

Russian authorities claimed earlier that he was executed in July 1947, but a number of eyewitnesses and recently discovered archival documents refute this version. According to some, Wallenberg was in Soviet prison in the years before the restructuring.

Swedish authorities have repeatedly tried to clarify the fate of Raoul Wallenberg, but none of the investigations have not yielded results.

In 2016, the Swedish tax authority at the request of SEB Bank, who is the executor of the estate Wallenberg, officially recognized Wallenberg dead.

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The Moscow city court will consider the appeal at the suit of relatives of Raoul Wallenberg to the FSB 05.02.2018

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