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The Moscow Times: Russian escapade in Syria: the end-edge is not visible

Matthew Bodner

«Russia is gradually drawn into a long campaign in Syria,» — says The Moscow Times. To strengthen support for the regime, over the last month there have been placed for more aircraft and air defense systems, says journalist Matthew Bodner. According to some reports, Russian troops arrived in two Syrian air force base.

Russia responds to unanticipated developments — initially she was unable to turn the tide in favor of Assad, says the author.

On November 17, Russia has upped the ante: its heavy bombers fired missiles at targets in Aleppo and Idlib.

Russian expert Vladimir Frolov concludes, «Russia no longer set up for a fast escape from Syria, she recognizes that he is trapped in events for a long time».

After Turkey shot down a Russian bomber, «Moscow is trying to give Ankara on earth, attacking groups who use Turkish support and thwarts the plans of Turkey to establish a no-fly zone in Northern Syria,» said Barmin.

The author believes: «in Order to push Turkey to the side (and, perhaps, even lead Turkey to war «by other hands», bombing rebel-Turkmens in northwestern Syria) and simultaneously seek military cooperation with the Western coalition have to remain in Syria for a long time, the more that Assad is not quick wins.»

Estimated Frolov, intervention in Syria while Russia still feasible. «But «drift» political objectives of this war is alarming: it indicates that a deliberate strategy of withdrawal from Syria does not exist», — the expert specifies.

The Moscow Times: Russian escapade in Syria: the end-edge is not visible 11.12.2015

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