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The most dangerous for Israel front

Published for publicity. Text provided by the PR Agency on behalf of the organization «Darkeinu» and movements «the Generals for the security of Israel»

Each of us care likely in the near future collision with our neighbors. Security Minister speaks about preparing the army to war on two fronts and reiterated that the key to victory is our unity.

Undoubtedly, Israel is able to unite in the face of total disaster. It happened immediately after the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin on 4 November 1995, which shook the entire country, regardless of affiliation and ideology.

This is a tragic date in the history of Israel.

But it was worth coming to the first shock, like the death of the head of state began to sprout weeds of hatred, of discord and political intrigue.

Instead of rallying came discord. Instead of uniting people, a new reason for discord. Mutual accusations, the search for the perpetrators has created a climate of mistrust and ongoing conflict.

And the official events dedicated to this tragic event brought to the area mainly left camp. By themselves, these events and the memory over the years became more and more formal, more overgrown reeking of mothballs officialdom, something reminiscent of the rallies in that country from which we immigrated here.

And actually, why? Did that not happen in our state? Do all of us – right and left and centrists – is not important?
The threat to Israel’s security front – it is our disunity. Not Hezbollah, not Hamas, and our internal strife.

It is long past time to end this. This is a tragic, but integral Chapter in our history that should unite all of us.

On 4 November 2017 at Rabin square (Kings of Israel) will gather those who are tired of what is happening in our country.

It’s time to turn the day of the assassination of Prime Minister of Israel on the day of unification of the people, of national unity.

Politicians at this meeting will not be

Neither left nor right nor centrist – no one. The organization «Darkeinu» and «Generals for the security of Israel» invite all interested Israelis. Those who cherish the ideals of Zionism and who stands for democracy in a country where no one has the right to kill the leaders and only the people have the right to choose their own path and heads.

Colonel Dr. Kobi Richter, the head of the movement «Darkeinu», said: «for Many years I, along with his comrades fought for Israel’s security, and today for me it is important to turn military victories into a long-term solution. Our idea at the meeting this year will not be painted in colors of parties and blocs, it will be a call to unite.

Most Israelis on the left and right of the political center are looking for a single path that will unite us around common goals, taking into account different problems in the sphere of security, politics and social issues.

This year, the moderate majority is awakening, uniting and fighting for a secure Israel, a state that is not torn to pieces by the radicals.»

Major General reserve Amnon Reshef, Chairman of the movement «the Generals for the security of Israel», said: «November 4, forever inscribed in the history of Israel as a painful milestone of violation of the limits of democracy. Now each of us have a moral obligation to prevent the next political assassination, and to ensure the continued safe existence of Israel as a national and democratic home of the Jewish people. We fought in all of Israel’s wars, to ensure the security of the state, now we are fighting for the integrity of the people! The state of Israel is important and dear to us.

We believe in the spirit of Israel and the people of Israel and call on all people – both right and left-wing views – to gather in Rabin square on Saturday evening, November 4, to send a clear and unequivocal message: «We are all one people, we are all equally care about the future of our country, we are ready to unite and fight for what we believe in and what is dear to us».

On November 4 Rabin square are waiting for everyone left and right, secular and religious, young and old, native Israelis and immigrants. All who are tired of unfounded hatred, should come together to feel as one people, that no one will take care of themselves and wants to build a free, dignified and peaceful future for themselves and their children, giving them the ideals of Zionism and love of country.

The most dangerous for Israel front 23.10.2017

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