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The movement to protect «digital rights» has demanded to cancel the law on biometric database

The movement to protect digital rights of citizens appealed to the Supreme court of justice with the requirement to cancel the law on biometric database.

In a statement by legal Advisor motion by counsel Ionatom Klinger, says that the creation of a biometric database a blow to democracy in Israel. Human rights activists claim that since the law came into force, «every Israeli will be included in the «black list» of potential suspects.» The appellants claim me remind you: to date people who do not violate the law, is not considered a suspect and the state trusts him.

According to the lawyer for Klinger, who was quoted by the website, since the entry into force of the law, every citizen would be suspected by the state in forgery and all the crimes that are happening near him. Klinger says about the termination of the presumption of innocence. And he asks High court of justice to prevent it.

Note that March 22 is a special Knesset Committee on the review of the law on biometric database, approved the instructions to the law, according to which from June 1, 2017, the office of the population register at the Ministry of internal Affairs will only issue biometric identity cards and passports.

Persons who agreed to provide not only photo, but also fingerprints, will receive documents valid for 10 years. Those who do not want to give fingerprints, will receive documents for 5 years.

If the person who provided the fingerprints, would require their removal from the database, the fingerprints will be purged within 48 hours, and with redundant servers – for 90 days. While the previously issued documents will become invalid, and new ones will have to do for an additional fee.

To file a petition for the removal of fingerprints from the database will be starting from October this year.

Minors will be able to provide fingerprints only with parental consent.

The movement to protect «digital rights» has demanded to cancel the law on biometric database 27.03.2017

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