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The MP Kobzon promised to investigate «the case of the Seagull». Review of the Russian media

The American magazine Foreign Policy has included President Vladimir Putin among the «top Global thinkers» in 2015 for a military operation in Syria. The Russian leader fell into the category of «decision-makers». With its decision the editors of Foreign Policy, explains in a critical way: Putin is included in the list for «role of a peacemaker, dropping bombs,» writes «Rossiyskaya Gazeta».

As a result of the operation of the Russian Foreign Policy refers to the strengthening of the position of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Russia’s transformation into an international player, «critical to any peace process». It is noted that their actions in this field Putin «beat America.»

The conflict between Russia and Turkey continues to grow. On the eve of the landing ship black sea fleet «Saratov», passing through the Turkish Bosphorus Strait in the Mediterranean sea, not raised, as is tradition, «guest» Turkish flag. This was reported «Interfax» with reference to local information portals, has published photos of the Russian ship passing through the Strait.
In a note, explains that historically, passing through the Turkish Straits, the ships briefly raise the flag of Turkey, thereby demonstrating respect for their Turkish counterparts.

Specific industrial theses are really interesting for business, Vladimir Putin in the message to the Federal Assembly expressed a little, the newspaper «Kommersant». Outside of the traditional Declaration on the facilitation of regulation, reducing administrative barriers and reducing the pressure of the investigation bodies, as well as common words and good wishes mainly the ideas the President touched on infrastructure in the broad sense of the word and only tangentially – of the state support of industry.

As follows from the report presented to the UN Security Council, «Islamic state» has created a strategic base in Libya, where a «Caliphate» may start expansion in neighboring African States, writes the same publication. In addition, threatened Europe, separated from the new database only IG the Mediterranean sea. Given the chaos and anarchy in Libya, it cannot be excluded that eventually the international community will have to conduct against is another anti-terrorist operation – this time in Africa.

The investigative Committee officially recognized the father of 5-month-old child from Tajikistan, who was killed in October in St. Petersburg, a victim in the case of death of the boy. It is reported by news Agency TASS referring to the assistant to the head of the Main investigatory management SK across Petersburg Sergei Kapitonov. On the eve of the family’s lawyer Yuri Serov stated that the investigator told him not to divulge details of the investigation. Earlier, lawyers for the family argued that to achieve recognition of the child’s father, who is in St. Petersburg, a victim in a criminal case.

«Nezavisimaya Gazeta» has published today an article entitled «the Pentagon starts a quiet war in Iraq and Syria,» which States that the United States will deploy an elite unit of special forces to the middle East to conduct raids against terrorists in Iraq and Syria. In Baghdad, as the newspaper writes, coldly responded to the initiative of Washington. Moreover, the Shiite groups promised to fight the Americans. Military action without a political solution meaningless, but the next round of the «Vienna process» on Syria may not occur due to the deterioration of relations between Russia and Turkey.

First Deputy Chairman of state Duma Committee on culture Iosif Kobzon said that if the charges against the family of the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika of corruption is confirmed, he will have to resign. «If this is true, then I am sad and sorry that such people involved in corruption cases», – said the MP, adding that he would seek the investigation, the newspaper «Izvestia».

Writer Eduard Limonov, the leader of the national Bolsheviks, published in this newspaper an article in which he States his version of the causes of the crash of a Russian bomber. Limonov is sure that we are talking about oil revenues:

«Turkish President Erdogan tells the whole world that knows nothing about oil crossing the border of Turkey and Syria. But we see online footage going behind the horizon moving tanks, they stretched for many miles. So where do they go? Doing a tour of Turkey? Somewhere they empty and returned empty. They cross Turkey and arrive where? The answer to the question, where does the oil, the Turkish government does not. The Russian Ministry of defense and the General staff of the Russian Federation.

Deputy Minister of defense, General Antonov claims that as a result of the blows the Russian aerospace defence forces oil delivery Caliphate from Syria to Turkey fell by half. Annual income from the sale of this oil in Turkey the Caliphate brought about $2 billion annually. Now, therefore, the income was shrunk to $1 billion In these figures lies the answer to the question, why was shot down by Russian su-24 bomber».

«Komsomolskaya Pravda» published an odious column of Israel Shamir, a former Israeli journalist, now publishing in the Russian media-article anti-Semitic and anti-Western wing, in which he regrets collapsed overnight the Russian-Turkish friendship, not failing at the same time «kick» of Israel.

«Let me remind you that simultaneously with the downed plane, Israel carried out a RAID on the Damascus airport, killed fighters of Hizbullah and the Assad soldiers. Russia did not react. Even there were no objections. And they should be. The Syrian army and Lebanese Hizbullah carry on their weary shoulders the brunt of the ground war. They must protect Russian air umbrella. Tomorrow they will bomb Turks – they say Russia? Israel can and you cannot?» – Shamir asks rhetorically.

The MP Kobzon promised to investigate «the case of the Seagull». Review of the Russian media 03.12.2015

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