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The murder of Gili Sable: extended the arrest of his twin sister and her boyfriend

On Friday, February 19, magistrates court of tel Aviv has extended for 10 days the arrest of 18-year-old Shiri Sobol and her boyfriend David Eran, the suspects in the murder of Gili Sable is a twin sister, Shiri.

February 18 around 12:50, the police received signal about the murder committed in the neighborhood of Nahalat Yitzhak in tel Aviv. The girl, who called «Moked 100», said that he was in the apartment with my sister when she called his mobile phone, according to her Gili went to the stairwell to answer a call, and came under attack: the killer stabbed her several times with a knife, and then disappeared.

The body of Gili Sable with traces of stab wounds was found by police in the stairwell. But later in the apartment was found a knife that, according to preliminary data, the murder was committed. There, investigators found a hidden friend’s sister murdered.

When in the apartment were police officers and criminologists, sister of the killed published in WhatsApp photos of police cars at the entrance with the comment: «My sister was stabbed».

Sister of the murdered woman and her boyfriend were arrested on suspicion of murder.

Attorney Gil Friedman, Shiri Sobol, on Friday morning, the radio station «Sieves Beth» said that at this stage of the investigation it is too early to draw any definite conclusions.

In the complaint it was said that the twin sisters grew up in the «normative family», they lived in tel Aviv with his mother, which was not in the apartment at the time of the murder. Friedman also said that the arrested man sister murdered – their peers, they were all senior year of high school («Yud bet»). However, in the media published evidence that he’s a little older sister (about 20 years).

The night before the media reported that arrested the girl and her boyfriend have given grateful evidences. The newspaper «Israel and Yom» cites the testimony of detainees, according to which between the sisters fight ensued, in which intervened PAL sisters of the murdered woman, several times struck with a knife Gili.

Many media outlets quote one of the latest entries Gili Sable in Facebook: «don’t rely on people because in the end anyone can stick a knife. In short, all the traitors».

The murder of Gili Sable: extended the arrest of his twin sister and her boyfriend 19.02.2016

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