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The murder of Tair Rada: a woman who appeared in the film «Shadow of truth» filed a lawsuit for libel

On Tuesday, June 20, A. K., mentioned in the film «Shadow of truth» about the murder of schoolgirl Tair Rada, filed in the magistrate’s court in Petah Tikva with a defamation suit against his former friend And..

According to the plaintiff, A. claimed that she was involved in the murder of a young girl to avenge the decision of A. K. to end their romantic relationship, which lasted almost ten years.

Recall that the film «Shadow of truth» was broadcast the 8th channel of cable television in the spring of 2016. In one episode of the film is a testimony of a young man A., who claimed that his ex-girlfriend A. K. is the true murderer of Tair Rada. In the course of the police investigation A. To reject all suspicions in the address, asserting that «a former friend accuses her, as she decided to break up with him.»

Version A. was rejected by the police, prosecution and the Supreme court.

A. K. filed a lawsuit in the amount of 500,000 shekels. The petition States: «defendant has vowed to destroy the good name of the plaintiff by spreading false information and lies, that unfortunately, has received wide publicity».

The statement of claim says that for ten years a romantic attachment A. It was subjected to mental, physical and sexual violence from the side A. once in 2012, she decided to break the relationship with A., he continued to chase her, and then decided to take revenge. With this purpose, according to the lawyers of the plaintiff, he had circulated the version of the involvement of A. K. to the murder of Tair Rada. «From the very beginning of the investigation spread various versions according to which Zadorov is suspected unjustly. Bogus complaint that was filed by the defendant against the plaintiff, breathed life into these versions,» reads the statement of claim.

23, 2015-th year, the Supreme court announced the final verdict in the murder of 13-year-old Tair Rada. The judges, two votes to one, found the Novel Zadorova guilty in the murder of girls and upheld the sentence of life imprisonment, twice, rendered by the district court of Nazareth. Judge Yitzhak Amit and Zvi Silbertal recognized Zadorova guilty. Judge Yoram Danziger who hold a different opinion, were in the minority.

July 5, 2016, the Supreme court rejected the request of the defence of the Novel Zadorova reconsideration of the extended panel of judges of the murder of Tair Rada, agreed with the position of the public Prosecutor’s office. According to the Supreme court, a retrial of this case is inappropriate. Thus, Zadorov was finally convicted of the murder of a schoolgirl.

The murder of Tair Rada: a woman who appeared in the film «Shadow of truth» filed a lawsuit for libel 21.06.2017

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