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The Muslims of the Netherlands refused to sign the document condemning anti-Semitism

Motion Denk, which is Dutch Muslims refused to sign a document called the Amsterdam Jewish Accord, condemning anti-Semitism, joined by all other political parties of the Netherlands – despite the appeal of the Jewish community of the country.

About it writes on Sunday, March 11, the newspaper Times of Israel .

This document also States that the Dutch government should pay for the security of the Jews, and also calls to include in the educational program information about Jewish history and culture.

This event was held in anticipation of municipal elections scheduled for March 21. To sign the agreement refused the party BIJ, founded by a former member of the movement Denk. According to survey results, Denk and BIJ1 get five seats in the city Council of Amsterdam.

Note that to date, the Jewish community of the Netherlands has approximately 45.000 people, the vast majority of whom live in Amsterdam.


The name of the party Denk means in Turkish «equality». It was founded in the beginning of 2015, natives of Turkey Tunahan Kuzu and Selcuk Ozturk, members of the house of representatives who left the labour party.

In the Manifesto of this political movement – the requirement to provide the best conditions for migrants through the establishment of «tolerance, solidarity and fair» society, the creation of a «registry of racism», as well as inclusion in the educational program «history of migration», replacing the term «integration» with «acceptance» and the abolition of the term «migrant».

Leaders Denk also insist on the introduction into school curricula of Chinese, Arabic and Turkish languages as additional items that, in their opinion, will contribute to the development of economy and improvement of international relations. In addition, they consider necessary the presence of the imams, not only in mosques but also in the army, hospitals and prisons.

According to leaders of this movement, the cause of Islamic terrorism is «the social exclusion of Muslims and perpetrated against adherents of Islam injustice».

Denk is in favour of recognizing a nonexistent Palestinian state, and demands that the EU contributed to its «strengthening».

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The Muslims of the Netherlands refused to sign the document condemning anti-Semitism 11.03.2018

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