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The myth of Israeli superiority has been shattered. Review of Arab media

Belonging to the Lebanese group «Hezbollah» channel «al-Manar» notes that the loss of the Zionists of the aircraft was a new manifestation of the relentless struggle with the enemy formation. Destroyed the myth of Israeli superiority, according to which the Zionists will win in any conflict. Including it turned out that the opponent has no superiority in technology.

As the channel «al Arabiya», Israel warned Syria and Iran that those playing with fire, but at the same time reported that they did not seek an escalation of the situation on the Northern border. However, the Israeli Ambassador in Moscow called operating in Syria, the Shiite militias, including Hizbullah, to leave the Syrian territory.

The Syrian news Agency SANA quotes the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, urged the government of Israel to prevent escalation of the conflict. This was discussed in a telephone conversation the Russian leader with the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, during which the sides discussed the latest developments.

Egyptian newspaper «al-Masry al-yum» recalls that seven years ago, on 11 February 2011, a popular revolution forced the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak. The publication notes that the President, who agreed to leave his post and the army, to prevent anarchy, showed a state responsibility.

According to the Palestinian news Agency «Maan,» the Israeli Navy detained at the Northern border of the Gaza strip two Palestinian fishermen. On them opened fire warning shots, forcing the engine to stall, then the Palestinian was arrested. Their whereabouts are unknown.

The myth of Israeli superiority has been shattered. Review of Arab media 11.02.2018

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