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The name of the Iranian General killed at Mosul

The Iraqi military command reported that the fighting West of Mosul killed a General of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps Shaaban Nasiri. He was an adviser to the commander of the division «al-Kuds» Qassem Soleimani.

According to official data, Soleimani is the chief military adviser to Shiite militias involved in the liberation of Mosul. According to unofficial information, he controls their actions. In the battle for the city is also part of the Kurdish militia and the Iraqi army.

27 may was launched the assault of the Old city, the last area remaining in the hands of the «Islamic state». On the eve of the Iraqi air force scattered over the jihadists occupied the quarters of the leaflets, urging the population to flee.

The battle for Mosul began in October 2016. The city was planned to release before the end of December. However, by the time was released only the left Bank of Mosul. The battle for the West of the city are fiercely, killing thousands of civilians.

The name of the Iranian General killed at Mosul 28.05.2017

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