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«The natives – friends of Israel»: the aborigines of Australia against the state of Palestine

The indigenous people of Australia, he founded a community called «Natives – friends of Israel» (The Indigenous Friends of Israel), designed to fight of the labour Party, which intends to recognize the nonexistent state of Palestine and to support the Jewish state by both major parties.

About it writes on Thursday, July 6, edition of Forward.

Muganbank Norman Miller, the representative of the new movement, said in an interview with reporters: he and his colleagues are concerned that the labour party «chose a dangerous path». They are trying to enlist the support of individual States, and then to recognize at the Federal level, the Palestinian state while the Palestinian leaders do not recognize Israel’s right to exist and supports terrorism.

In a speech in Cairns, Queensland, densely populated by Australian aborigines, Miller stated: «I support the principle of «two States for two peoples.» Israel offered this solution many times – in 1947, 2000, 2008 and 2014, but the Arab leadership, Yasser Arafat and his successor in this post, Mahmoud Abbas, rejected it. Meanwhile, Hamas seized power in Gaza and has vowed to destroy Israel and throw all Jews into the sea. It is a terrorist organization, acknowledge that Australia and other States.»

Miller believes that at this stage the establishment of a Palestinian state is impossible – too large differences between the West Bank and Gaza. He is perplexed – whom do you intend to support the Australian labour party?

According to the representative of movement «the Natives – friends of Israel’s» unilateral Declaration of a Palestinian state would deprive Palestinians of motivation to continue the peace process, which they are not inclined to support today.

Miller believes that the creation of a Palestinian state and exchanges of territories, it is necessary to recognize Israel as a Jewish state and to end the terror, to stop paying money to terrorists and teach children to hate Jews.

«To call Israel an apartheid state is a blatant lie. We, the natives, know what apartheid firsthand. Israel is a beacon of democracy in the middle East, according to Arab MKS sitting in the Knesset, and the Arab population of this country that lives in peace and prosperity, enjoying the democratic freedoms,» said Miller in an interview with Jewish news Agency JTA.

«The natives – friends of Israel»: the aborigines of Australia against the state of Palestine 06.07.2017

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