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The neo-Nazis of Germany, the Assad regime and Hizbullah have come together to fight with Israel

Neo-Nazi party Der Dritte Weg (the Third way) is in close contact and is a partner of the Assad regime and the Lebanese terrorist grouping «Hezbollah».

About it writes on Tuesday, may 16, the website of the newspaper the Jerusalem Post, citing the website of the party, where on 30 April was published the information about the visit of the representatives of the Third way in Lebanon.

During this visit, the members of Der Dritte Weg, met with representatives of the Syrian Social nationalist party and supporters of Assad. The sides discussed issues of cooperation in the struggle against Israel, which they call «state terror» and argue that Israelis can be defeated.

Der Dritte Weg was founded in 2013, its goal is to build a «German socialism» and the boycott of Israel, and the fight against the «Zionist genocide.»

On Sunday, the Bavarian news portal BR24 reported that the activist Der Dritte Weg Jan Nowak prosalovskaya founded a group called the «European front in Syria», which visited this country at war and met with the Minister of information.

Novak said that Syria and Germany unite «the hatred of the West and Israel,» and praised the «heroic resistance to Zionist fighters «Hezbollah».

Recall that on the eve of the visit to Israel of the President of the Federal Republic of Germany Mr Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the German government published the results of a survey conducted by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation with the support of the Social democratic party, which show that 40% of the population of this country with 82 million citizens, have an aversion to the Jewish state.

Modern anti-Semitism was clothed by the authors of the report in the following wording: «Watching the Israeli policy, I’m beginning to understand people who don’t like Jews».

Dr. Josef Schuster, head of the Central Jewish Council of Germany, said in an interview with the newspaper Die Welt: «We all notice that the support of Israel by the German society is weakening, and criticism of the Jewish state is gaining momentum. Increasingly, we are faced with the manifestations of anti-Semitism under the guise of disapproval of Israeli policies».

In a 300-page report States that the citizens have resorted to this strategy to neutralize feelings of guilt that you feel for the crimes of the Nazis. The study made a sarcastic phrase of the Israeli psychoanalyst Zvi Rex, who in the 80-ies said: «the Germans will never forgive the Jews for Auschwitz».

The authors remind us that German politicians as well as universities, trade unions and non-governmental organizations for many years challenged the right of Israel to exist and called for a boycott of the products they produced.

Foreign Minister of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel, who last week was at the center of a scandal involving ultralevel movement «Shovrim Shtika,» he said in an interview with the newspaper Hamburger Abendblat: «the Current government is not Israel». In 2014, he argued that the presence of Israelis in Hebron is a Testament to the state of apartheid.

In 2013, the German «green Party» approved a resolution calling for the boycott of Israeli goods produced beyond the green line, and two years later, Merkel’s government has supported the EU Directive on the marking of these goods.

In 2016, the teachers ‘ Union Oldenburg called for full boycott of Israel, and Professor at the University of applied Sciences and arts HAWK claimed that the Israelis traded the organs of Palestinians.

The neo-Nazis of Germany, the Assad regime and Hizbullah have come together to fight with Israel

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