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The Neue Zürcher Zeitung about Kadyrov: Putin’s Frankenstein

«To ensure the cemetery of peace in Chechnya, Mr Putin supports despot Ramzan Kadyrov, but he is increasingly becoming a burden for the Kremlin», – the journalist writes the Neue Zuercher Zeitung Ivo Minsen.

«Kadyrov and Putin have a lot in common – the love of the sport, expressed machismo and the tendency to arbitrariness. The head of Chechnya Kadyrov, the self-proclaimed «infantry of Putin» demonstrates loyalty to the Russian President, thanks to the support that 10 years ago, he came to power. It guarantees the stability of the Kremlin in the breakaway back yard, while the President has given him almost unconditional support,» the author notes.

«The torture and murder of homosexuals on the territory of the Chechen Republic – only the most recent part of a long blood trail that stretches for Kadyrov, the article says. The matter is in this Caucasian Republic occur beyond the law of murder and the persecution of opponents of the regime, and alleged terrorists. In addition, there are a number of evidence that Kadyrov was behind the murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya, an opposition politician Boris Nemtsov and other critics of the regime.»

«Investigations on the territory of the Russian Federation, as a rule, end up with nothing – and no wonder, given the importance the Kremlin attaches to Kadyrov,» – says Mensen. «The brutal Chechen war has claimed the lives of tens of thousands of civilians, still alive with memories of the crimes of the Russian army and the Chechens is deeply embedded hidden anger. Kadyrov manages to suppress it – but if it will weaken repression, it can break».

Stability, support of which Kadyrov is unreliable. «His regime is almost entirely dependent on financial injections of the Kremlin. As in other North Caucasus republics, in Chechnya, Moscow has no strategic plans on how to deal with the lack of opportunities, corruption and problems in the sphere of security,» – said the journalist.

Kadyrov combines in his style of government elements of Stalinism and Islamism – «a medieval Chechen social order has little in common with modern Russia,» continues the author of the material. «This is evident in the fact that the Chechen jihadists fighting in Syria, the second largest group. They are fighting there against Moscow, which blamed a disappointing situation at home».

«Kadyrov is increasingly becoming a burden for the Kremlin. In the interests of Putin to understand that the Chechen Frankenstein creates more problems than it solves. However, while it demonstrates the dedication and controls the situation in Chechnya, an alternative to the «Putin’s man who does the rough work,» no», – concludes Minsen.

The Neue Zürcher Zeitung about Kadyrov: Putin’s Frankenstein 20.04.2017

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