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The new leader of the Taliban Mullah Mansur was killed in a shootout with other field commanders

Died the new leader of the radical Islamist movement «Taliban» Mullah Mansour, said the Agency «Xinhua» referring to the Afghan authorities.

Mullah Akhtar Muhammad Mansour was appointed as the leader of the Taliban in late July of this year.

According to preliminary data, he died from wounds sustained in a shootout with other warlords, the Taliban on 2 December.

Akhtar Muhammad Mansour («Naib Imam») was born between 1963 and 1968 a year in the village of Kariz (according to other sources in the region of the Band-and-Taimur), a Pashtun. He studied in the village mosque had an elementary education. Since 1985 participated in the war against the Soviets. In 1987 he was wounded, moved to Pakistan. After the war he lived in Peshawar, where he continued his Islamic education, he became one of the leaders of the radical Muslim youth.

In the mid-90s after the Taliban capture of the airport in Kandahar, he was appointed responsible for the security of this object (according to others, he was appointed CEO of the airport). In 1996, after the capture of Kabul by the Taliban was appointed Director of airline «Ariana», and also became the Minister for aviation and tourism in the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Later he received the air force and the air defense forces. Mansour was responsible, for example, for delivery of pilgrims from Afghanistan to Mecca.

In 1997, Mullah Mansur was captured by Uzbek militants he spent in captivity two months, and then was purchased by the Taliban leadership.

In 1998, Mansour became a politician of international significance: he acted as the representative of the Afghan leadership in Europe, visited Germany and the Czech Republic. In Germany, he negotiated the purchase of spare parts for helicopters and aircraft of the Taliban.

In 2001, Mansur surrendered to the new authorities of Afghanistan and was pardoned, after which he returned to his native village. After the U.S. military attempted to detain him, he fled to Pakistan, where he participated in the formation of the new armed forces of the Taliban.

From 2001 to 2007-the year the Mullah Mansur was considered a «secret Governor» of Kandahar, was part of the political leadership of the Taliban. According to some reports, in 2010, he became Deputy Muhammad Omar, the leader of the Taliban. It is known that in 2013, Mansour managed to get the consent of the political leadership of the Taliban opening office in Qatar for negotiations with the West.

There is ample evidence that Mullah Mansoor was one of those who controlled the production and trafficking of opium poppy from Afghanistan.

After the death of Muhammad Omar in 2013, Mullah Mansur fought for power and conflicted with many of the field commanders, in particular with Abdul Qayum Zakir. Between them, a truce was declared, but the conflict is not extinguished.

Mansour assumed the powers of the leader of the Taliban, in fact, already in June of this year, when on behalf of the «Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan,» he signed the message, which was directed by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the «Islamic state». In this letter expressed concerns about possible negative consequences from the actions of the IG in Syria and Iraq, and called for «Muslim unity» and non-interference in the Affairs of the ISIS Emirate in Afghanistan. In the same letter, Mansour praised the deceased Abdullah Azzam, Osama bin Laden, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, and Khattab as «heroes of Jihad».

29 July 2015, Mullah Mansour was officially elected, and the next day proclaimed Emir of the «Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan».

December 2, 2015 during an argument with other field commanders of the Taliban in his home in Quetta (Pakistan) Mansur was seriously wounded and soon died.

The new leader of the Taliban Mullah Mansur was killed in a shootout with other field commanders 04.12.2015

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