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The new military doctrine of the Russian Federation: the main enemies – the U.S. and its allies

On the eve of the New year on the official portal of legal information published, endorsed by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin the new strategy of national security of Russia.

This document takes effect at the time of signature, said, 31 December the website

The document says that the emergence of the terrorist group «Islamic state» and strengthening of its influence were the result of a double standards policy by some countries in combating terrorism».

In the new national security Strategy identified political opponents of the Russian Federation, which include the US and «its allies». Threat to the national security of the country also creates a «PATO extension is and the approaching forces of the military Alliance to the Russian borders».

One of the main threats to the security of the Russian Federation is referred to as the instigating «color revolutions» and denounced «the support of the United States and the European Union anti-constitutional coup in Ukraine». «In neighbouring regions of Russia are developing the processes of militarization and the arms race» – it is told in the document, without specifying on what exactly the countries involved.

The authors of this doctrine believe that Russia «has demonstrated the ability to ensure the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, protect the rights of compatriots abroad».

They also argue that increased RF in the solution of important international problems, the settlement of military conflicts, the rule of international law in interstate relations, and the avoidance of military conflict is carried out by maintaining the nuclear deterrent.

Among the achievements of Russia are also referred to as the revival of traditional spiritual and moral values and strengthening of health of citizens.

Order to adjust the strategy Putin gave on 3 July 2015, stating that the Russian Federation should adopt a systemic response to the changing situation in the world in all directions. In October, the press service of the Russian security Council said that the strategy was considered by the interdepartmental Commission on strategic planning of the security Council.

According to Russian law, documents related to strategic planning, should be updated once every six years, and the current version of the national security Strategy was in may 2009, approved by Dmitry Medvedev who then held the post of President.

The new military doctrine of the Russian Federation: the main enemies – the U.S. and its allies 01.01.2016

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