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The New York Times: Experts do not agree about the threat of hacking from IG

Nicole Perlroth

«George Osborne, UK Chancellor, made a statement last month that the militants «Islamic state» trying to improve their skills for the implementation of hacker attacks on important systems, including in hospitals, air traffic control and power plants,» writes The New York Times.

In the USA, Clifton Triplett, the new security Advisor of personnel Management U.S., said this month that it expected, LIH may, eventually, also to hack the systems of the Agency.

«However, private researchers in the field of security, who investigate the actions of ISIL on the Internet, argue that ability grouping is, in fact, not much better the abilities of tech-savvy teenagers, break sites for the thrill of it,» says the author of the article Nicole Perlroth.

Two ISIS supporters, who were believed to possess the most advanced hacking skills, one, Edit Ferizi, 20-year-old Kosovar, is in prison in Malaysia. He is awaiting extradition to the U.S., writes the edition.

«Another, Junaid Hussain, 21-year-old native of Britain of Pakistani origin, which is attributed to the hacking in January of accounts of the U.S. Central command in Twitter and YouTube, was killed by a drone strike in Syria in August,» the article says.

«Junaid Hussain and Edit Ferizi — exactly the type of people trying to recruit ISIS» — says Christopher Alberg, co-founder and CEO of Recorded Future cyber security.

«They were both young, anti-social and was well versed in computers», — says the publication. Hussein was born in Birmingham and began hacking as a teenager in the Pro-Palestinian group Team Poison, which account for a number of break-ins, including the personal page of Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook and website PATO.

After serving in the British prison for six months for hacking the address book of Tony Blair, Hussein appeared on Twitter in a new role — the jihadist Abu Hussain al-Brittany.

Kosovo hacker Ferizi studying in Malaysia, began last summer to send Hussein information stolen during the hacking, the group organized by the Kosova Hacker’s Security, including personal data of more than a thousand U.S. military and Federal employees, according to the charges against him.

They contacted each other via Twitter. And that is where, as suggested by the SITE Intelligence Group Director Rita Katz, the government’s fight against ISIL fails.

«Twitter will likely continue to be the main problem, before which we now stand because ISIS instantly finds lone wolf for the implementation of their plans and attacks,» she said.

The New York Times: Experts do not agree about the threat of hacking from IG 25.12.2015

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