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The New York Times: Germany is still a Paradise for Israelis? After the elections doubtful

«Some were scared. «That’s all, friends, pack your bags» – written by Avishai of Milista on the page in Facebook for Israelis living in Berlin, after the far-right party «Alternative for Germany» destroyed the taboo in force after world war II, having received the block in the Parliament,» reports David Halbfinger in the American newspaper the New York Times.

«National elections in Germany, last Sunday, sparked a new round of questions about the electoral success of populists across the West, the author writes. But for many Israelis, thousands of whom have flocked to Berlin in recent years because of its liberal social policies, a thriving artistic life and economy, as the election campaign and its outcome was particularly problematic.» According to the author, «anti-immigration position and the statements of the leaders of the «Alternative for Germany», some of which echoed the language of neo-Nazis, it was impossible not to notice».

«Did those very things, through which Germany seemed so safe so many Israelis – a national concern with repentance, rejection of overt nationalism and a determination never to repeat the sins of the past – the danger of ignoring the new generation that dropped the collective guilt and determined to claim a national identity? – writes the edition. – And was now in danger special relationship of Israel with Germany?»

«And yet, like many other things that divide Israeli society today, the success of the «Alternative for Germany», or ADH is the abbreviation under which the party is known for, as it seems, is more of an excuse for political recrimination and partisan bile than the General Jewish position,» the article says. Right heard newfound contempt, and even worse, the Israeli emigrants in Germany, reports. Left sounded resumed criticism of the Israeli government, which so many left behind when I moved to Germany.

«Michael Sappir, a 29-year-old man from tel Aviv, who received the diploma of the linguist at the University of Leipzig (Saxony) and now works in the sphere of high technologies, said the elections «make me think twice before again moving there, both as a Jew and a man of leftist views,» – said the publication. – However, he added that «the situation in Germany is much better than here, where the ruling coalition is composed mostly of parties that are intellectually close ADH».

Eldad Beck, an Israeli journalist and author of books on German-Jewish relations, told the publication that knows some Israelis in Germany who voted for ADH, «because they believe the arrival of so many Muslims as well as violence, terrorism and crime is a big problem that must be stopped».

«Actually, opinions on this issue do not fall under distinct categories, even among the Israeli left-wing views,» – said the journalist.

Where next will move to Germany and how to adapt Israel and Israelis will depend on Merkel to a lesser extent than those who will change when she gets away from the scene, said Beck, author of Germany, at Odds. «While Merkel is Chancellor, and a special relationship in the manner noted Israeli journalist. But the Israelis will have to make a special effort, otherwise everything will fall apart». According to Beck, the millions of Muslims who came to Germany in recent years, will inevitably affect the policy of the country.

The New York Times: Germany is still a Paradise for Israelis? After the elections doubtful 27.09.2017

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