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The North wing of the «Islamic movement» were preparing terrorist attacks in Israel

On Tuesday, may 16, was released the information that thanks to joint actions of the General security service (SHABAK) and the police had prevented a series of terrorist attacks which were prepared by members of the terrorist cell associated with the Northern wing of the «Islamic movement».

According to the investigation, preparing terrorist attacks in revenge for the fact that the Northern wing of the «Islamic movement» was announced in Israel outside the law. The aim of the attacks was supposed to be Israeli soldiers.

Radio station «Reshet bet» reported that the Prosecutor’s office for the southern district gave the court an indictment against two members of the terrorist cell.

According to the website, two members of the cell, Mahmud Masri and Abdullah Abu Aish, was detained by security services in December 2016. In the course of investigation it became known about their relationship with another citizen of Israel, member of the youth Islamic organization Mahmoud Louis, who is in Turkey. In March 2017 Louis was detained at the airport Ben-Gurion, immediately upon his return to Israel.

The arrest of Louis and led to the resumption of the investigation against Farasa al-Umri, who was responsible in the North wing for the work of the security Department, as well as activities of public organizations to provide assistance to prisoners (the organization was also recognized Israel’s illegal).

According to the investigation, in November 2015, Macri and Louis arrived in Umm El-Fahm, where was established a «mourning tent» on the occasion of the outlawing of the North wing. Macri, and Louis, and then joined Abdullah Abu Aish, have expressed their willingness to «take revenge» for Israel’s «incorrect assessment of» the North wing.

According to the investigation, Abu Aish were in search of a suitable place for an attack on IDF soldiers in the Negev, also he was instructed to find a vehicle for a terrorist attack.

In 2016, Faras al-Umri gave the members of the cell slots of artisanal production. They also delivered and handed over to Beersheba electronic control panels, which are used by terrorists for remote actuation of the explosive device.

The North wing of the «Islamic movement» was outlawed at the beginning of November 2015. The decision was made narrow by the Cabinet on security matters. According to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, this was preceded by lengthy consultations with representatives of the defence and legal structures. The decision was supported by the Yehuda Weinstein, who held the post of the legal adviser. In its submission, stated that «the Islamic movement» can be outlawed in connection with the actions of the organization’s leaders, including Sheikh Raed Salah, and incitement against Israel.

The North wing of the «Islamic movement» were preparing terrorist attacks in Israel 16.05.2017

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