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The nose was again at the heart of the debate: his «nickname» the authorities deemed it obscene

The magazine «Expert-Ural» reported that he had received from Roskomnadzor notification of an administrative offense for the publication of obscenities on their pages: the Supervisory authority has demanded to remove romanized «nickname» well-known blogger Anton Nosik, who was quoted in one of the publications.

The editorial office of the journal reported March 21 on the page in social network Facebook.

This material is the article, entitled «Russia has two misfortunes: below – the power of darkness, and at the top – the darkness of power», published on 6 March.

Mentioned the «nickname» of the Spout Latin in Roskomnadzor considered obscene, but the editors of the magazine, referring to the standard, prove that this word has nothing to do with the Mat: «If the author’s texts transliterated Russian words we, in the absence of other governing documents, shall be guided by the GOST R 7.0.34-2014. Rely on the personal Association of journalists is incorrect».

«According to the state standards of the Russian Federation, mentioned the word has a completely different transliteration to indicate in the publication: «the letter «e» is transmitted by a combination of «yo» (valid «jo»), see standard, Appendix A. for Example, written in Latin, the word «elka» we can’t equate Russian with «tree», the transliteration of which is according to GOST is «yolka» (valid «=»); see standard, Appendix B», are the arguments of the journalists.

However, the editorial Board has complied with the orders of the Supervisory authority and has removed the controversial word from the mentioned publication, the site notes

The nose was again at the heart of the debate: his «nickname» the authorities deemed it obscene

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