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The number of victims of the earthquake in Taiwan has increased

According to the revised data, the earthquake in Taiwan killed at least seven people. More than 230 people were saved. The government has instructed the army elimination of consequences of natural disasters.

An earthquake of magnitude 6,4 has brought down several houses. In addition, 400 thousand people were left without water. 121 000 apartments and houses without electricity.

Firefighters continue to sort blockages. One woman was able to call them by mobile phone and explain how to find her under the rubble. Seven year old boy, rescuers found due to its loud Maekawa cat.

The epicenter of the earthquake recorded at 03:57 am local time, was located 48 km South-East from the major city of Tainan, in the southern part of the island, the center lies at a depth of 23 km.

Taiwan is in a seismically active zone of the Pacific ocean. Every year in this region occur on average three earthquakes with magnitude more than 6. In September 1999 an earthquake of magnitude 7.6 resulted in the deaths of 2.4 thousand people.

The number of victims of the earthquake in Taiwan has increased 06.02.2016

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