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The number of victims of the hurricane «Harvey» in the United States has risen to 60 people

As of September 5, the US authorities confirmed the death of at least 60 people in the States of Texas and Louisiana as a result of the destruction caused by the hurricane «Harvey», and the ensuing flooding, according to the Associated Press.

According to the Agency, only one in Texas Harris County killed 30 people.

«Harvey» reached the coast of Texas on Saturday night, August 26. The hurricane was rated the fourth category of danger. The wind speed in the Central part of the coast of Texas reached 200-210 kilometers per hour. On 28 August the wind gradually abated, but significant damage was caused by flood. Heavy rains in the disaster zone continues in the area of Houston these days received more than 1200 mm of rain. August 30 the hurricane was displaced to the territory of Louisiana, on 31 August moved to the territory of Mississippi.

American media published a preliminary assessment of damage from hurricane «Harvey», which affected the States of Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi: $ 150 billion. If this estimate is confirmed, the hurricane «Harvey» will be named the most destructive in modern U.S. history, as it caused damage in the amount of 5 times greater than hurricane Katrina (August 2005), and 7 times greater than hurricane IKE (September 2008). At the same time, the number of victims remains the most severe hurricane «Katrina», which killed more than 1,800 people. Victims of hurricane IKE were more than 100 people. According to preliminary data, the number of victims of the hurricane «Harvey» – 60 people.

The US President Donald trump has asked Congress to 7.85 billion dollars in initial funding in connection with the necessity of work to overcome the consequences of the hurricane «Harvey».

The number of victims of the hurricane «Harvey» in the United States has risen to 60 people 05.09.2017

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