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The number of victims of the Syrian war has exceeded of 470,000 people

The Syrian Center for policy studies publishes a report on the impact of five years of conflict on the situation in Syria. Experts estimate the effect of military action on the Syrian society as catastrophic, and economic damage, according to them, over 255 billion dollars.

In accordance with report data, five years of war of 470,000 Syrians have been killed, 1.9 million were injured. Thus, killed or wounded 11.5% of the pre-war population of Syria. Recall that a year and a half ago when the death toll exceeded 250.000, the UN stopped counting the victims.

Life expectancy declined from 70 to 55. On the eve of the war in Syria has lived for 21 million people. Almost 14 million of them lost their sources of income. 45% of the population became refugees. While about four million were forced to flee the country.

It should be noted that 400,000 people were killed as a direct result of hostilities. Even 70.000 Syrians were the victims caused by war hardships – hunger, disease, cold, lack of access to drinking water.

«We are confident in our method of research, and hence in the statistics. The UN did not have access to information and therefore their information is underestimated,» said the report author Rabi Nasser. He noted that in recent years mortality has increased significantly.

The number of victims of the Syrian war has exceeded of 470,000 people 11.02.2016

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