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The odious Deputy of the state Duma stood up for the actor, Serebryakov. Review of Russian media

«The Syrian army is advancing on the UN resolution» is the title of an article in the newspaper «Kommersant», which States that the escalation in Eastern ghouta may lead to a new conflict between Moscow and the West. The promotion of the government forces that extend control over the Eastern Ghouta, occurs despite the resolution 2401, the UN security Council about a ceasefire in Syria supported by the West and Russia.

Despite the version of the Damascus that the operation in Eastern Guta directed against terrorists who are not covered by the truce, the Syrian army is simultaneously cracking down on opposition groups participating in peace talks in Astana and Geneva. The escalation in Eastern ghouta largely negates the efforts of Russia upon completion of the hot phase of the Syrian conflict: account for the advance of Syrian troops by the armed opposition and the West to show Moscow the authors of the articles.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Iran Javad Zarif said in an interview with Iranian media that the EU, under US pressure, had not complied with the conditions of the nuclear deal with Tehran, said on Monday the Pro-Kremlin «Russian newspaper».

«Europeans because of the policies of the United States failed to fully implement its obligations, especially in the banking sector», – said Zarif, adding that Tehran, for its part, has complied with the conditions stipulated in the agreement.

Zarif also considers erroneous the support of some European countries, including France, Saudi regime, which is the main regional rival of Iran.

Alexey Serebryakov justified even ardent defenders of the «national idea» – last week came the development of the story with an interview with Alexey Serebryakov journalist Yuri Dude in which the actor including said, «If you drive 30, 50, 70 km from Moscow, you will see many elements from the 1990-ies. Until now, no knowledge, no intelligence, no initiative, no dignity are not a national idea. The national idea is the power, arrogance and rudeness».

At first, this statement affects not only Internet users, but also some colleagues Serebryakova, for example Director Vladimir Bortko and Andrei Konchalovsky, perturbed by the fact that Serebryakov, living in Canada, but continuing to act in Russia, criticizing the homeland, «Nezavisimaya Gazeta».

A few days later the Deputy of the state Duma from the liberal democratic party Ivan Sukharev have proposed not to withdraw films receiving government funding actors with anti-Russian views and even prepared the corresponding request to the Minister of culture.

To the surprise of the authors, this angered even the most ardent defenders of the «national idea». So, the first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on culture Elena Drapeko called the Sukhareva proposal «a stupid idea», and a member of the public Council under the Ministry of culture of Russia Pavel Pozhigajlo is «nonsense».

The odious Deputy of the state Duma stood up for the actor, Serebryakov. Review of Russian media

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