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The office of the Prime Minister called a lie «tweet» correspondent for Fox News

The office of the Prime Minister of Israel has denied claims by Fox News correspondent Conor Powell that Netanyahu asked Donald trump not to move U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.

The office of the Prime Minister provided a version of the website extracts from the minutes of the meeting of Netanyahu with Donald trump that took place on 15 February this year in Washington.

«The Prime Minister on the question of the Embassy explained that the move will not lead to bloodshed in the region, as fears Donald trump». The conversation took place over lunch in the White house and were recorded by the acting adviser on security matters by James Nagel. The record indicates that the witnesses of the meeting were advisers to Netanyahu and trump, who was present at this dinner.

The office of the head of the government gave to publish excerpts from the minutes of another conversation on January 16, four days before the inauguration of Donald trump, the Ambassador of Israel in Washington and Mike Flynn, who was then appointed Advisor to the President of the United States national security. «The Ambassador explained why the transfer of the Embassy will help the process of settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and not Vice versa, the report says. — This will make it clear that we are in Jerusalem and not going to abandon it. The transfer of the Embassy will force the second side to be face to face with the consequence of lies, what about the lack of historical connection of the Jews with Jerusalem and will give them to understand that Israel will remain in Jerusalem and Jerusalem is Israel’s capital», — stated in the Protocol.

Previously, Conor Powell, a correspondent for the Fox News channel in his blog on Twitter wrote: «Everyone with whom I spoke in Washington about the transfer of the Embassy to Jerusalem, told me that Netanyahu told Trump that it is not necessary to move the Embassy now.» This «tweet» has become a subject of discussion in the Israeli media.

Everyone I’ve spoken to in DC that has been briefed on #Jerusalem embassy move says #Netanyahu told #Trump not to move the embassy at this time

— Conor Powell (@ConormPowell) may 15, 2017.

The office of the Prime Minister called a lie «tweet» correspondent for Fox News 15.05.2017

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