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The only Jew in Congress colleagues were accused of Nazism

Brazilian Congressman Sergio Zveiter, the only Jew in the current Parliament, which recommended the charges of corruption against President Michel Temer, the party was accused of Nazism.

If his recommendation is adopted, the case of Temer will give before the Supreme court, wrote on Monday, July 17, the website of the newspaper the Jerusalem Post.

«I will never bow down before those who falsely calls me racist, implying a play on words for my religion. I was the only Jew in Congress, which makes this all the more insulting slander», – leads edition of the words of Zveiter.

«Accusations of Nazism discredits the reputation of any person, especially one who has six million compatriots were killed by the Nazi regime. Religious prejudice is the only explanation for this infamy, appealing to the worst disaster in the history of my people, the Holocaust», – says the MP.

Sergio Zveiter was born and raised in an elite family: his father, Waldemar, Zweiter and past President of the Supreme court of justice of Brazil, and his brother Louis court of Rio de Janeiro.

Recall that the family of President Temer, suspected of corruption, comes from the village of Bethabara, located near the city of Tripoli, in Northern Lebanon, with a predominantly Christian population. Michel Temer graduated from the law faculty of the University of são Paulo.

In 1983 he was appointed attorney-General of the city, then headed the Secretariat for public security in the Prefecture. From 1987 to 2010 Temer six times he was elected Deputy from the state of são Paulo. Moreover, 1997-2001, and in 2009-2010 he was the speaker of the chamber of deputies of the country.

Since 2001 Temer heads the Party of Brazilian democratic movement. 17 Dec 2010 Temer had to leave the Chamber of deputies in connection with his election as Vice-President of Brazil. 12 may 2016, after the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff, has been appointed acting President of Brazil. September 1 is the President of Brazil.

The only Jew in Congress colleagues were accused of Nazism 17.07.2017

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