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The opening of the Israeli scientists: Neanderthals were not cave men

In the course of excavations conducted by specialists from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, College of It and Management of antiquities, the discovery that forces to reconsider ideas about the Neanderthals that existed several hundred thousand years and disappeared about 40,000 years ago.

As reported by the Department of antiquities, still traces of the material culture of Neanderthals were exclusively in caves that gave grounds to call them cave people. Excavations in the area of Ein Cases in the North of Israel, forced to reconsider this statement.

Here, on the banks of the stream Kishon, for the first time in the Eastern Mediterranean found the remains of Neanderthals, buried outside the cave. This tooth and fragments of the lower limbs of men aged 15-22 years. The structure of the foot indicates that he was limping.

In the same cultural layer discovered stone tools, animal bones, used as food and the shells and the horn of a deer. Near the traces of Neanderthal sites, of which , as scientists believe, was in the cave, and the fresh air, repeatedly returning to favorite places.

The middle East is the only place on earth where Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens existed in parallel. The fate of our closest relatives is still a mystery. Whether they were assimilated by modern humans or died out, unable to compete?

According to one hypothesis, the reason for their disappearance was the failure to adapt to climate change established in the region’s arid climate. However, taken in Ein Cases findings refute this theory, testifying that the Neanderthals were a strong species, able to adapt to new conditions.

The cause of extinction could have been the lack of immunity to tropical diseases listed species Homo Sapiens, who arrived in our region from Africa about 60,000 years ago. However, the point in this history to put while early.

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The opening of the Israeli scientists: Neanderthals were not cave men 07.06.2017

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