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The opposition criticized the bill toughening the ban on the work shops on Saturdays

The leader of the party «Our home Israel» Avigdor Lieberman criticized the decision of the inter-Ministerial Committee on legislation approved the bill of the Deputy from the «Likud» Miki Zohar about tightening the ban on commercial activity on Saturdays.

The head of NDI said that «Likud is imposing a religious dictatorship and, in fact, became even more radical and ultra-Orthodox party, than «Jadot a-Torah»». He noted that approval of this bill represents a grave violation of the status quo.

The Chairman of the party, NDI noted that approval of this bill by the government is a blow for the hundreds of thousands of families in Israel who use day free for leisure and shopping, as well as for owners of small businesses who were deprived of their sources of income. «This is another attempt of the current government, which is under total control of the ultra-Orthodox, to transform Israel into a state of Halacha, the secular betrayal of citizens and immigrants», said Avigdor Liberman.

Knesset member Ksenia Svetlova («Zionist camp») also criticized the bill criticized.

«Received another confirmation that this government simply do not care about the immigrants, and the next populist law and member of the «Likud» will hit all segments of the population, especially Russian-speaking immigrants,» said Svetlov. According to her, «the people that work hard and pay taxes, will be denied the opportunity in your own day off to relax as they see fit or to go shopping in the day, if you do not have time to shop on weekdays after work late».
«I think that this is a gross violation of the status quo, which will further intensify the tension between secular and religious Israelis, and will cause irreparable harm to the coexistence of different groups of the population», — said Ksenia Svetlova.

December 20, the inter-Ministerial Commission on legislation has approved a bill designed to strengthen the status of the «Sabbath». The bill was proposed by a member of «Likud» Mickey the Zohar.

Introducing his bill, the Deputy of the Zohar pointed out that despite the fact that the Law on hours of work and rest and some other legislative acts stipulates the status of the Sabbath, these laws are routinely violated, often commercial enterprises.

In the proposed act contains a clear prohibition to work on Saturdays for all businesses except those who have received individual permission from the Minister of economy.

The law also prohibits a lease to include a clause requiring the owners of businesses or shops to work on Saturdays.

The opposition criticized the bill toughening the ban on the work shops on Saturdays 21.12.2015

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