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The orbiting Kepler telescope has found 10 possible «twins» of the Earth

Orbital telescope Kepler has found in the constellations Cygnus and Lyra 10 exoplanets that are similar in size to Earth and may have conditions suitable for life. About it reported in a press release from the National office for Aeronautics and space USA (NASA).

«The team of the space telescope Kepler published a catalog, which presents 219 new candidates for exoplanets, 10 of which are in size similar to Earth and are in the «zone of life», that is, at this distance from the star where water can exist in liquid form on the surface of the planet» – quoted by TASS.

In total, the Kepler catalog presented on Monday, June 19, there 4.034 object. To 2.335 confirmed the status of the planets, about 30 of them of the size of Earth and located in the «zone of life».

Kepler space telescope cost 600 million dollars, named after the great astronomer Johannes Kepler and derived into orbit in 2009, is designed to search for planets by the transit method – by fixing fluctuations in the brightness of stars with the passage of the planets in their disks.

Telescope Kepler observes 150,000 stars in the constellations Lyra, Cygnus and Dragon. Astronomers estimated based on data obtained with the Kepler telescope, planets suitable for life, there may be several million.

The orbiting Kepler telescope has found 10 possible «twins» of the Earth 20.06.2017

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