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The owners of Grenfell Tower threatened to sue the tenants, warning them of the danger

Two women who lived in the burned Grenfell Tower and died during the fire, were previously threatened by the owners of this building for trying to warn them about the catastrophic condition of the house.

About it writes on Monday, June 19, the British newspaper Mglog.

Marim, Alhajri, 27, and 33-year-old Nadia Chukar, a mother of three children, he received threatening letters and demanding to put an end to the calls to engage fire safety house in which they lived. But Mark and Nadia continued to pester the complaints of the owners, the company of Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management, warning of the dangers of ignition and subsequent catastrophy.

In addition, these women organized parties and barbecues for the neighbors, and in the course of these events, tried to involve them in their struggle to improve their living conditions. The petition, which they printed, signed 90% of the tenants of Grenfell Tower.

A few days ago, it turned out that the company was threatened with court also Francis O’connor, neighbor Mark and Nadia, who published in his blog information about the catastrophic situation in the field of fire safety. Solicitors in Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management accused him of «slander and harassment».

Residents of the neighboring quarter in the morning of that day, when it’s lit Grenfell Tower were presented with letters from lawyers, which stated the inadmissibility of children’s ball games.

According to official data, the number of dead and missing, considered dead, the result of a fire in a tall building Grenfell Tower in London reached 79 people. Investigation of the reasons and circumstances of emergence of a fire, which in the West of London completely burned 120-apartment high-rise building Grenfell Tower, continues.

Nadia and Mark and her mother, 64-year-old Isla, were missing. On the leaflet with the list of names of missing persons: «They don’t deserve this.»

The owners of Grenfell Tower threatened to sue the tenants, warning them of the danger

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