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The party of «Kulan» blocked «Sabbath» bill Zohar

The party of «Kulan» have blocked a bill banning work on Saturdays for all businesses except those who have received individual permission from the Minister of economy, informs the press-service of the Deputy Tali Plaskow.

The bill was proposed by Knesset member Mickey the Zohar («Likud»).

In the press-service of the Deputy Plaskow States that «in the near future which caused such a public outcry the bill will not be placed on the agenda of the meetings of the Knesset.»

The decision that the party «Kulan», member of the ruling coalition, will not support the initiative of the Zohar, was taken after a meeting of the Tali Plaskow raised the issue of the inadmissibility of the vote on that law because, in its view, it violated the existing status quo between the religious and secular population, infringing on the rights of a huge segment of Israeli society and depriving him of the opportunity to dispose of a day off at their discretion.

The party of «Kulan» blocked «Sabbath» bill Zohar 29.12.2015

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