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The Pentagon announced the second competition of the Israeli counter-terrorism startups

The Ministry of defense of the USA declared carrying out in Israel of the second competition for startup companies that will offer the best solutions to the fight against terror. Along with the Pentagon, the contest is organized by the Ministry of defense of Israel, Massachusetts Institute of technology and tel Aviv University.

The competition will be held two competitions – for the best counter-terrorism technology and best app for mobile phone.

The main prize is $ 100,000. Second prize – 10 thousand dollars.

Finalists will be invited to scheduled for June 7 of this year a conference on counter-terrorism technologies.

The prize will be able to fight the startups working in the areas of tactical data analysis, in-depth study, detection of explosives, chemical and biological substances, reconnaissance, suppression of the UAV, and personal security. Unlike the first competition, held a year ago, this time for the competitions will be allowed startups in cyber security, according to Geek Time.

According to the Director of the office for the technical support of the fight against terror, Tarsi Adam, Israel – one of the five main partners of the Pentagon in the development of counterterrorism technologies. Also the partners are the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Singapore. While Israel has a unique experience and original views on many issues. «Israelis have a unique ability to find solutions to problems and bring them to implementation faster than any other of our partner», — said Tarsi.

Tarsi emphasized that looking for a team that not only moved the idea, but also have the ability to bring it to a certain stage of realization in accordance with strict requirements.

Recall that the winner of the first contest was the company, the Company Insoundz. Established in 2013 the company is developing a system of audiocassette that allow you to select specific sounds from background noise. In 2015 she joined the list of the 10 most promising startups of the defense of Israel’s version of Frost & Sullivan.

The Pentagon announced the second competition of the Israeli counter-terrorism startups 06.02.2016

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