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The people’s army will defend Europe against refugees. Review of Russian media

The Turkish Minister for EU Affairs ömer çelik stated that it sees no reason to adhere made in the last year, with EU agreement, refugees, and the day before, a similar statement was made by Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus, writes in Wednesday newspaper «Kommersant».

According to these politicians, one of the conditions of consent the proposal for Turkey was the promise of the EU authorities to give the Turks the right of visa-free entry into Europe, which obviously will not happen. Statements of the Minister were a response to a diplomatic scandal between Turkey and the Netherlands.

Pardoned on charges of treason, a resident of Sochi, Oksana Sewaside told reporters on the pensioner, was also convicted of a message about the movement of military equipment sent to Georgia. 60-year-old Aniko Kesyan is accused of sending SMS on military equipment at the railway station in Adler. The lawyer of Mrs. Sewaside Ivan Pavlov reported that his team is already investigating the case.

«This woman’s name is Aniko Kesyan, she’s Armenian from Adler, it’s 60 years old, and in summer 2015 she was sentenced to eight years, too, for FREE. Now she is in prison in Mordovia Republic», – quotes the words of Sebastini news Agency «Interfax» .
«The Russian colonies in different regions of the other prisoners on similar charges. People who are convicted of sending text messages to their friends, including those on the same trains sent to Georgia,» – says Pavlov, the lawyer.

In the Syrian Damascus a suicide bomber blew himself up in the Palace of justice, said on Wednesday «the Russian newspaper» with reference to Reuters and Syrian sources. The attack occurred in the afternoon, at the moment of explosion the building was a lot of people.

According to preliminary reports, the attack injured dozens of people. SANA news Agency citing a senior source in the city police reported at least 25 dead.

«The West has proposed a way to get rid of Somali pirates» is the title of an article in «Nezavisimaya Gazeta», where it is reported that many Somalis believe that foreign trawlers plunder national resources.

The publication notes that the anti-piracy mission PATO was completed in December last year and perhaps, the Alliance prevented the attempt of capture of merchant vessels, but the ideological root of piracy is alive and well. The Christian Science Monitor writes that at the same time, most of the pirates in the region returns to his roots, hunting for foreign fishing ships that ply international waters. Many Somalis consider the work of such trawlers as the looting of national resources.

The seizure of the tanker Aris 13, attracted special attention to Somali piracy, says that the international community should send forces to the decision that Somalis believe more serious problem than the attack on merchant ships.

An expert on Somali security from the University of agriculture and technology, Florida Christopher Daniels noted that foreign trawlers continue to fish near Somalia, as often have a technological advantage over the local fishermen, in the Arsenal of which only the rod, while the fishing vessel can put to sea a large network and, ultimately, harm the ecosystem.

The people’s army will defend Europe against refugees – more than a million EU citizens have decided on their own to deal with the migration crisis, writes in Wednesday newspaper «Izvestia».

In the frontier settlements of the Eastern European countries began to form detachments of national guards. More than a million people are involved in the suppression of attempts by refugees to illegally enter the EU. Similar associations exist in the Czech Republic, Spain, Germany and Slovakia. Bulgaria applies a paramilitary squad of more than 50,000 people.

The cause of the national teams – the failure of the EU to adequately respond to the migration crisis and to cope with the increasing flow of refugees. «The European Union, putting pressure on the countries of Eastern Europe, risking the security of the local population. Therefore, the purpose of creating such groups is to «capture» migrants, with the aim of ensuring the security of their countries», – explains the analyst of the Society for the study of Central and Eastern Europe Michael Andreychik.

«American Admiral reported military secrets for joy with prostitutes» is the title of an article in «Komsomolskaya Pravda», where it is stated that rear Admiral Bruce loveless, the former head of naval intelligence, the United States accused of transferring secret information to foreigners.

It also arrested eight other senior naval officers. The investigators believe that they passed classified information about the movements of Navy ships and contracts of the military Department to a private person – the Singapore businessman Leonard Francis, known as Fat Leonard.
This businessman was CEO of Glenn Defence Marine Asia, were responsible for the maintenance of the us military in the Asian ports, and the classified information helped him time to obtain lucrative contracts.

The «sea wolves» boozed money Tolstoy Leonard had parties with lobster, caviar, washed down these delicacies with champagne and cognac with a price of $600 per bottle. A separate form of remuneration from the Singaporean was prostitution. Officers began to organize the so-called «themed Orgy». For example, in 2007, Maniglioni they honored the memory of Douglas MacArthur, one of the most famous American military commanders, giving a crowded sex party.

The people’s army will defend Europe against refugees. Review of Russian media 15.03.2017

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