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The performance of the «Toulouse shooter» Muhammad As angered the Jews of France

The leaders of the Jewish community in France and relatives of the four Jews killed during the terrorist attack in Toulouse, to actively protest against the performance of the «Toulouse shooter»Muhammad» called «I love death as you love life», which premiered last week at the theatre festival in Avignon.

In this play, which was written by an Algerian playwright Muhammad Qasimi, tell about the last three hours of the life of Islamic terrorist.

Recall that in March 2012, Muhammad has carried out a series of terrorist attacks: on March 11 in Toulouse, was killed by a soldier Imad Ibn Siachen, March 15 in Montauban were killed two soldiers of the engineering-airborne regiment and another seriously wounded. All the dead soldiers were of North African origin.

March 19 in a Jewish school», IAR a-Torah» were killed Rabbi Yonatan Sandler (30), his sons Gabriel (4) and Aryeh (6), and Miriam Monsonego (8).
March 22 after a 32-hour siege, the French commandos tried to storm the apartment Steps. In the ensuing shootout, three policemen were injured and the terrorist was destroyed, despite the stated intention to take him alive.

A few weeks later the police arrested Abdelkader Measure and Fattah Malki, who helped the terrorist to develop and implement these crimes. Both suspects strongly denied the allegations.

The play, which involves two actors, separated by a thin partition, shows the negotiation process between terrorists and security officers who had stormed the room where he was.

In one scene, the actor portraying the Measure, telling another actor that he ordered a pizza with four kinds of cheese – immediately after a series of murders.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, July 12, the President of the Council of Jewish organizations of France (CRIF) Ariel Goldman called this Prime Minister a «disgrace and dishonor». His position was supported by other members of this organization, according to which this play is «justified under the guise of supposedly artistic thinking».

The author protects his creation, claiming that its purpose was «the investigation against the monsters created by society» and not justify it and..

The performance of the «Toulouse shooter» Muhammad As angered the Jews of France 12.07.2017

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