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The police demands to oblige electrofloatation to pass the exams

Tuesday, December 29, a meeting of the economic Committee of the Knesset was dedicated to electric bicycles. The members of the Commission refused to extend the existing rules for another two years, as they were demanded by the Ministry of transport, and extended for six months.

Commission Chairman Eitan cabel warned that within two months we held a repeat meeting at which the transport Ministry should present its plan to restore order on the roads and sidewalks of the country.

The meeting was announced statistic that since the beginning of 2015 as a result of accidents associated with electric bicycles, four people were killed and at least 300 were severely injured. Eitan cabel said that «the electric bike is the murder weapon».

Law enforcement officials read out their recommendations. In particular, they want to ban use of e-bikes by anyone under the age of 16 years (currently the minimum age for driving this type of transport is 14 years old), to introduce registration for bicycles, and to introduce the exam to obtain the rights to manage this type of transport.

Representatives of the Ministry of transport promised in six months to submit their proposals, promising to significantly tighten the existing rules.

The police demands to oblige electrofloatation to pass the exams 30.12.2015

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