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The police five hours of questioning Bar Refaeli

Wednesday, 24 February, the police again interrogated supermodel bar Refaeli on the case of tax evasion and receiving illicit benefits.

According to published information, Refaeli was interrogated for five hours, and in the focus of investigators at this time were the suspicion that Refaeli was selling the clothes without informing the tax administration.

The newspaper «Maariv-Shavua» quoted officials in the Tax office, saying that «early to speak about the indictment against Rafael, but the inquiry was opened only after the results of a secret investigation has collected sufficient material.»

Surrounded by Refaeli claim that «this case will be solved by agreement between the parties and nothing more».

About suspicions in the address Refaeli was officially announced in late December of last year, but the concerns of Bar Refaeli with the IRS of Israel began more than five years ago. Then she was asked to recognise her as a citizen of Israel, the centre of life is abroad, and to release her from the payment of income taxes for the years 2007-2009. But the IRS refused.

At the end of December in the magistrate court of tel Aviv held hearings on the case Refaeli. According to the court, the top model will be able to leave Israel only in the case of personal collateral in the amount of 250 thousand shekels and an additional financial guarantee in the amount of 500 thousand shekels from a third party.

The police five hours of questioning Bar Refaeli 25.02.2016

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