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The police maintain order on the Temple mount on the first Friday of Ramadan. VIDEO

On Friday, June 2, on the Temple mount in al-Aqsa mosque, held the first Friday prayer of the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan. Hundreds of police officers and soldiers of the MAGICIAN to ensure public order on the Temple mount, where the prayer profit of tens of thousands of Muslims.

Professional actions of the police allowed the Muslims to easily and quickly get to the place of prayer. It was not disturbed the order of the day the guests of Israeli capital and its inhabitants. In the Old town there were no failures in the public transport.

Jerusalem district commander major General Yoram Halevy noted that the police did everything possible today to ensure the freedom of religion representatives of all religions.

Sacred Muslim month of Ramadan has come this year on may 27.
Along with the recognition of Allah as the only God and Muhammad as his prophet, the pilgrimage to Mecca, the five daily prayers and the payment of tax on charity Ramadan is the five pillars of Islam.

In this month believers in the daytime, refrain from taking food and water, Smoking, entry into intimate relationships. Children, the elderly, the sick and infirm, travelers from these responsibilities released as well as pregnant women with lactating mothers, if the post is threatening to the child.

The most lengthy post waiting for Muslims June 21-24. During this period, daylight is 15 hours and 47 minutes.

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The police maintain order on the Temple mount on the first Friday of Ramadan. VIDEO 02.06.2017

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