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The Polish pastor, who called Jews «worms», was found guilty of inciting hatred

The Prosecutor’s office in Wroclaw, located in the West of Poland, has been indicted ex-priest Jacek Medlar, who is charged with «public incitement of religious and ethnic hatred». Under Polish law, the maximum punishment under this article – imprisonment for a term of two years.

About it writes on Sunday, July 9, the Jewish news Agency JTA.

November 11, 2016, when Poland celebrates the independence Day in wrocław was held «March of patriots». Medler spoke at the event and under the guise of appeal to patriotism offended the Jews and Ukrainians.

«We must be strong in mind and body – the only way we can defeat the left, the Jews and the Communists, who still live in our homeland. So m you will defeat evil! Poland for poles, and poles for Poland», – leads edition of the words of the spiritual shepherd.

«He used the expression, intended to convince the poles contempt and hostility towards Jews and Ukrainians, attributing them to hostility and aggression and encouraging the marchers to fight with them,» – said in a statement issued by the Prosecutor’s office in Wroclaw.

The priest, who previously called the Jews «worms» and «cancer devouring Poland,» refused to admit his guilt.

The Polish pastor, who called Jews «worms», was found guilty of inciting hatred

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