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The political preferences of readers The results of the survey

On the website completed another survey on the topic «the Political preferences of readers», which was held after the victory of AVI GABA on elections of the head of the party «Avoda» and the background of the publications about suspicions against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his entourage.

In the survey, which was conducted over one day (July 12-13) participated 2.714 respondents (2.396 of them answered all 24 questions).


Similar online survey we conducted in January of this year. In addition, in the spring of 2017 by the order of our edition of the PORI Institute conducted a major study, which revealed political preferences of Russian-speaking Israelis. However, given the publication of the results of national polls after the change of leadership in «avode» we found it possible again to conduct a survey on this subject, slightly modifying its contents. The results of a new survey are compared with those obtained earlier this year.

Most readers (57%) consider themselves moderately right, 19% – to the far right, 14% – to the centrists, 5% moderately left, and 1% to the extreme left.

The vast majority of respondents (71%) said that the fact that the election of AVI Haba to head the labor party is indifferent to them. 12% said that a positive attitude, an 8.5% negative.

At the same time 80% believe that the election GABA the leader of the labor party will not lead to the victory of the «Zionist camp» in the Knesset elections of the 21st convocation. Only 4% believe in such a scenario.

62% believe that Gabay is not ready and will not be ready to fight for the post of Prime Minister. 14% believe that he is not ready for such a struggle now, but will be ready by election day. Only 5% think that the new leader of the labor party in this struggle is ready now .

70% of respondents assume that the investigation against Benjamin Netanyahu will not lead to early elections. The opposite view is held by only 10.5%.

62% do not think the suspicions regarding the head of the government serious and reasonable. 20,5% believe otherwise.

67% believe that none of the investigations against Netanyahu will not end with the filing of the indictment. Opposite to the forecast given only 12% of respondents.

Only 18% believe that Netanyahu should resign on the background of the suspicions against him in the cases of 1000, 2000 and 3000. The opposite view is held by 69% of respondents.

Political preferences

Readers were asked the question: «which of the following leaders would you prefer to see as Prime Minister of Israel?» The most votes were: 1) Benjamin Netanyahu (Likud) was 31%, 2) Avigdor Lieberman (Yisrael Beiteinu) – 21%, 3) Yair Lapid («Yesh Atid») – 16%, 4) Yisrael Katz (Likud) – 7%, 5) Gideon Saar (Likud) – 5%, Naftali Bennett (the»Bayt Yehudi») – 3%. Over the past six months rose slightly «the Prime Minister’s rating» of Lieberman and Lapid, Netanyahu’s rating has decreased a bit.

The question was asked: «which of the following leaders, in your opinion, better than others would have coped with the problem of Arab terror?» Most votes were cast for Lieberman is 40.5%. For Netanyahu – 13%, for Lapid – 8%, Bennet is 6.5%, the Katz – 4%.

Today 83% of our readers participating in a poll about political preferences know which party or block they would vote in the Knesset elections if they were held today. Six months ago the figure was 74%. Answers to other questions also revealed that Russian-speaking voters decided on who to vote for, for the last six months became more.

For NIDS today are ready to vote 30% of the readers (January 28%, 31% of the survey PORI in spring this year), «Likud» – 25% (six months ago – 26%, 25% of the survey PORI), for «Yesh Atid» – 18% (the same as it was in October of 2016, in January of this party voted 14% of our readers, a survey in the spring of PORI gave Lapid’s party 12% «Russian» votes), the «Bayt Yehudi» – 5% (unchanged, a 4.5% PORI)for a new block of extreme right-wing parties 4% (5% six months ago), for the block «the Zionist camp» – a 2.5% (1.5% in January, 3.5% in PORI), «Kulan» – a little more than 2% (1% six months ago, a 3.5% PORI), MERETZ is 1.6% for «new Russian party» – 1%. The other parties receive less than 1% of the votes of our readers. 3% declare that they would participate in the elections.

More than 87% stated that neither the change of leadership of the labor party, no investigation against Netanyahu did not affect their choice.

According to the scientists, vote Russian voters today determines 17-18 of the 120 seats in the Knesset. Thus, we can assume that this category of voters would bring six mandates, Yisrael Beiteinu, five seats – the Likud, four mandate – «Yesh Atid», one mandate – the «Bayt Yehudi» and a new block far-right parties. Other parties and blocs, including the hypothetical «new Russian party», «the whole Russian mandates» do not (although the results of the elections to the Knesset of the 20th convocation on one such mandate was received by the party «kulanu» and block the «Zionist camp»). We emphasize that we are talking about a rough estimate.

Readers were asked: «Which party in your view, best defends the interests of Russian-speaking citizens of Israel?» 38% said the party «Israel Our home», 10% – «Yesh Atid» and 5% «Likud». Other parties and blocs received less than 1% of the vote. A third of respondents said that no party defends the interests of Russian-speaking Israelis.

The question was asked: «What parties, in your opinion, lacks in the current ruling coalition?» 43% said «Yesh Atid», 6% – the «Zionist camp», and 2% MERETZ, 1.5% – the United Arab list.

If the answer to the question «Representatives of some parties, consisting today of the coalition, you would not like to see the government of Israel?» 70% called SHAS, and 61% «yaadut Torah» and 15% «Bayt Yehudi», 12% – «Kulanu», 11% – NIDS, the 8.5% is «Likud».

Most of our readers (over 55%) do not support the idea of forming a national unity government. For the creation of such a government are only 25% of respondents.

Readers were invited to give a political forecast for 2018. 59% believe that the government next year will continue to operate in its current composition. 14% believe that next year will be held early elections to the Knesset. Of 7.5% chose the answer: «there will be a change of government, but not created by the government of natsedinstva». 7% answered: «the Knesset Will be dissolved, but the elections will be held in 2019». 3%: «a government of national unity, without early elections».

The assessment of the government and the opposition

Our readers are on a 5-point scale assessed activities of the government of 3.1 (satisfactory).

Evaluation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – 3,3 (satisfactory).

Evaluation of defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman is 3.5 (between satisfactory and good).

Assessment of the activities of the opposition and 2.1 (unsatisfactory).

The rating of Russian-speaking Knesset members

Readers were asked the question: «who works from Russian-speaking members of the Knesset of the 20th convocation you consider positive?»

The most votes, 37%, was given this time for Zeev Elkin (Likud) – Deputy, occupying the posts of Minister of environmental protection and Jerusalem. 35% was given for Constantine Razvozov («Yesh Atid»). 33.5% of positively assessed the work of the speaker of the Knesset Yuli Edelstein (Likud).

Followed by: Robert Ilatov (Yisrael Beiteinu) – 24%, the Landwehr (NDI) – 23%, Yuliya Malinovskaya (NDI) – 21%, Ksenia Svetlova (the Zionist camp) is 16% Hoists Plaskow (Kulanu) – 12%. 9% of respondents said that negatively evaluate the work of all Russian-speaking members of the Knesset.

The rating of Ministers

Respondents were asked the question: «is the Work of one of the following Ministers in the current government you consider positive?»

Most votes 57.5 per cent received Yisrael Katz – Minister of transport and road safety, the Minister for intelligence services («Likud»). Moreover, he was named by our readers as the best Minister in October 2016.

In the second place, as in October last year, was the defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman (Yisrael Beiteinu) – 47%

In the first five Ministers, whose work our readers appreciate, also turned out to be Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister, Minister of foreign Affairs (Likud) – 35%, Ayelet shaked, the Minister of justice (the»Bayt Yehudi») – 33%, ze’ev Elkin, Minister of environment, Minister of Jerusalem Affairs (Likud) – 26%.

In the TOP 10 were also: Landwehr, Minister of aliyah and immigrant absorption (Yisrael Beiteinu) – 23%, Miri Regev, Minister of culture & sport (Likud) – 23%, Moshe Kahlon, the Minister of Finance («Kulan») – 20%, Naftali Bennett, Minister of Diaspora Affairs, the Minister of education (the»Bayt Yehudi») – 15%, Gilad Erdan, Minister of internal security, the Minister of strategic planning (Likud) – 13%.

The list was transferred to 21 the Minister. Was not named Ayoub Kara (Likud), who entered the office of the head of the Ministry only on may 29 of this year, and Eli Cohen («Kulan»), who is the head of the Ministry of economy from January 23, 2017. Their names will be added to the list at the next polls.

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The political preferences of readers The results of the survey 13.07.2017

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