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The Powerball lottery in the United States: a draw for the jackpot of more than $450 million, the winner has not yet been

In the United States played a jackpot of $456,7 million dollars in the Powerball lottery. It’s the eighth largest prize in the history of the lottery, said TASS.

One winning ticket, the winner who correctly guessed all six numbers was sold in Pennsylvania. With the win while nobody addressed. According to the organizers, this happens quite often, as sometimes people did not immediately learn about the phenomenal prize.

According to the rules of the game, the winner can take the entire amount immediately or to receive the money in installments over approximately 30 years. If you do not know the lucky person will choose the first option, the winning amount is significantly reduced. In this case it will be $273,9 million

Experts recommend that people who have won the lottery hundreds of millions of dollars, not to jump steps: first of all, it is not recommended to publicly announce his success and not to take all the money at once, the most intelligent is considered the slowest option of getting a win – by payments over 30 years; also, experts suggest not to change dramatically the way of his life, to continue to engage in the usual case, gradually getting used to wealth. Experts say that almost a third of the people who won unusually large amounts of money in the lottery, become bankrupt, because they can not dispose of such means.

The probability of winning the jackpot in Powerball is about 1 in 300 million. The largest jackpot in U.S. history of approximately $1.59 billion was drawn in the lottery in January 2016. Then won three tickets, so the prize was divided equally between the owners.

The Powerball lottery is held in 44 States, the district of Columbia, the U.S. virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. The ticket costs $2, and the total sales revenue of several billion dollars.

The Powerball lottery in the United States: a draw for the jackpot of more than $450 million, the winner has not yet been 19.03.2018

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