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The President of Finland: closing the borders of Turkey will turn the flow of refugees to Russia

If Turkey closes its borders to refugees, they will try to enter the territory of the EU through Russia, said in an interview with MTV News, the President of Finland Sauli Niinistö.

«If the Turkish authorities would block the EU border, the refugee flow will be generated in other place», – quotes the words of the leader of the Finnish edition of «Rossiyskaya Gazeta».

Niinistö also fears that in this case the number of refugees, masked arrives in Finland and the Baltic States, will increase dramatically.

Currently in the South of the Murmansk region in Russia has already gathered the refugees trying to escape to Finland who were temporarily housed in hotels in the cities of Kandalaksha, Alakurtti, Apatity, Kirovsk. A day cross the border, according to information provided by the Murmansk authorities, about 20 people.

Recall that last week William Spindler, spokesman for the UN high Commissioner for refugees (UNHCR) called on Turkey to open border to thousands of people fleeing from Syria and, in particular, of victims of bombings of Aleppo – in the framework of international obligations for the protection of victims of persecution.

During convened on this occasion a press conference Spindler expressed understanding of the difficult situation faced by the Turkish authorities, who fear the negative consequences of mass invasion of refugees.

Recall that this country has taken in the past year more than 2.5 million workers. Currently about 70,000 people located in the area of border crossing on the Turkish-Syrian border, despite the low temperatures, heavy rains and gusty winds. Refugees from the fighting I hope that Turkey will miss them on their territory.

A new wave of refugees were the last successes of the Syrian army, which, with the support of the Russian air force conducts offensive operations to the North of the country. It is assumed that the number of displaced could reach hundreds of thousands of people.

The decision to close the border with Syria and to toughen the visa regime on the border with Iraq was made after the EU has provided Ankara three billion euros for assistance to refugees already in Turkey. The aim of this measure is to prevent their entry into the EU.

Now the EU also encourages the Turkish authorities to open the border with Syria and prevent a humanitarian catastrophe. According to the Supreme Commissioner of EU on foreign policy Federica Mogherini, it is not so much legal as moral duty of Ankara. «If the situation becomes desperate, we’ll be ready to release the brothers,» said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Representatives of the Turkish authorities said that the border is open for humanitarian cases.

The President of Finland: closing the borders of Turkey will turn the flow of refugees to Russia 14.02.2016

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