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The President of Russia has declared the interference in American elections

In the framework of International economic forum passing in these days in St. Petersburg, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with the heads of major international media, among them were EFE (Spain), PTI (India), Kyodo (Japan), DPA (Germany), Anadolu (Turkey), Xinhua (China), Associated Press and Bloomberg (USA), ANSA (Italy), TT (Sweden). Russia at this meeting is the Agency TASS.

News portal the Debka writes that at the meeting Putin for the first time acknowledged the possibility of Russia’s interference in the presidential election in the United States, stating: it is possible that some private citizens, Patriotic, influenced the choice of the White house.

«Hackers are like freelancers. They woke up today, I read that there is something going on in international relations. And if they are Patriotic, they begin to contribute to the fight against those who speak badly about Russia», – quotes the words of Putin, the newspaper «Moskovsky Komsomolets».

However, he voiced another version, saying that someone specially with the help of modern technology takes the arrows on his country, creating the appearance that the attacks come from Russian territory. But the state in this in any case is not involved.

Earlier, Putin strongly rejected all accusations, according to which Russia interfered in American elections by infiltrating the computer systems of the leaders of the election headquarters of the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Putin stressed that no actions of hackers, and any outside interference, can not fundamentally affect the course of the election campaign in another country: «no information will be on the minds of the people and will not affect the end result.»

The meeting also discussed the issue of Russophobia, which constantly appears on the pages of Newspapers, on television and on the Internet. According to the Russian President, the reasons for this phenomenon are associated primarily with the formation of a multipolar world. «Monopolists don’t like it,» said Putin, dobavil that Russophobic sentiments in the world is gradually eroding.

The President of Russia has declared the interference in American elections 01.06.2017

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