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The President of the United States in Poland: the anti-Russian rhetoric on the eve of the meeting with Putin

Donald trump, who is currently in Poland on an official visit, said during a joint briefing with Polish leader Andrzej Duda in Warsaw: the United States reaffirms its obligation under NATO to defend, by word and deed, countries subjected to aggression, and urged Russia to stop «destabilizing actions» in Ukraine and in other parts of the world.

About it writes on Thursday, July 6, the news Agency Reuters.

America intends to strengthen cooperation in PATO in response to Russia’s actions, and Washington considers cooperation with the Alliance partners «, are critical to deterring conflict and preventing war between the great powers,» said the American leader.

Trump referred to article No. 5 of the NATO Treaty, which ensures that members of the Alliance will protect each other in case of attack by a third party.

The note says that the statement of the President of the United States shows the change of the position of the White house. In may of this year, in a speech in the headquarters of NATO in Brussels, he disappointed the audience, without mentioning about these obligations.

«We call on Russia to end destabilizing actions in Ukraine and the support of hostile regimes in Syria and Iran instead to join the community of responsible States in their struggle against the common enemy and the protection of civilization», – leads edition of the words of the American leader.

It is noted that the critical attack on Russia was made on the eve of his first meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, which will take place at the G20 summit in Hamburg.

Press conference of the presidents of the United States and Poland, was broadcast live on the White house website. Shortly before it became known that during visit of the President of the United States Donald trump of Poland signed an agreement on the delivery to the U.S. air defense systems Рatriot. The systems will be supplied until 2022, says the network edition of «Economics today».

Note that in the same day, trump had talks in Warsaw with President of Poland Andrzej Duda. One of the main topics of the meeting were the supply of liquefied natural gas from the United States, and Duda expressed the hope long-term contract for the import of American energy.

The President of the United States in Poland: the anti-Russian rhetoric on the eve of the meeting with Putin 06.07.2017

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