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The Prime Minister and the President left Israel amid a coalition crisis

In the night of Sunday, March 19, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went on an official visit to Beijing at the invitation of the Chinese government. The visit is timed to the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Israel.

During the visit, the Israeli government will meet with President of China XI Jinping, Prime Minister of China Li Keqiang. Chinese President Jinping invited Prime Minister Netanyahu to dinner.

As the press service of the head of the government, during the visit special attention will be given to strengthening economic cooperation with China in order to increase Israeli exports to China, attract Chinese investment to Israel, the expansion of industrial and research cooperation between Chinese and Israeli companies. Will be signed a number of economic agreements that will help the development of an exit strategy of the domestic industry to the Chinese market and increase the number of companies operating in the field of exports to China.

«Prime Minister Netanyahu will meet with heads of major Chinese corporations, the annual turnover of each of which is tens of billions of dollars», – stated in the official report.

As part of the delegation accompanying the Prime Minister, dozens of Israeli businessmen representing various industries and companies working with China or interested in entering the Chinese market. The delegation headed by the Prime Minister will take part in the business forum where it is expected the presence of more than 500 people.

Prime Minister Netanyahu will also take part in the third Israeli-Chinese conference on innovation. The first conference was held in China in 2015, the second was held last year in Israel with the participation of Deputy Prime Minister of China.

The acting Prime Minister during the absence Netanyahu assigned the Minister of tourism Yariv Levin.

On the eve of departure to China, Netanyahu announced the rejection of compromise with the Minister of Finance, leader of the party «Kulanu» Moshe Kahlana about the creation of the Corporation for radio and television. In his account on the social network Facebook, Netanyahu wrote: «After meeting with the employees of the broadcaster, during which I heard heartbreaking stories of people who should be fired in connection with the establishment of a Corporation, I’ve changed my mind. In addition, from conversations with experts, I learned that the data presented by the Ministry of Finance, was inaccurate: the continuation of the work of the office of radio and television will be tens of millions cheaper than creating a Corporation. If so, then who needs it?»

The crisis surrounding the creation of the Corporation and Netanyahu discussed on Saturday with the communications Minister tzachi Hanegbi, Minister of tourism AREVA Levine, the Minister of culture and sports, Miri Regev, and head of a coalition government David Bitanem. The fact that Netanyahu consulted with the Ministers from his party on Saturday provoked an angry reaction from the leadership of the ultra-Orthodox parties «yaadut-Tora», a member of the ruling coalition.

Before departure to China, Netanyahu made a further comment about the crisis surrounding the creation of the Corporation broadcaster: «the Government exists on the basis of coalition agreements. In the coalition agreement makes clear that all parties are obliged to implement the decisions of the Likud, our solutions associated with the media, including with the Corporation. The only exception related to the budget. At the meeting with the staff of the office of radio and television – it was a very emotional meeting, touching – I learned that there is no financial problem. First of all, the budget of the office of radio and television, their actual budget last year was below the planned budget of the Corporation, and they are ready to continue the reforms. Therefore, if the collection is cancelled, no problem with the budget – why do we need this Corporation? Why to lay off hundreds of employees on the eve of Passover? So unacceptable the situation in which we in the Likud with 30 mandates, fulfill all obligations of a coalition of small parties, including those concerning points on which we disagree, for example, the tax on a third apartment, which resisted all the members of the Likud, but we spent it because of the coalition agreement, but when talking about important points for the Likud and for me, they do not respect the agreement. This is unacceptable».

The leader of the opposition, the Chairman of the block «the Zionist camp» and the leader of the labor party Isaac Herzog on the evening of March 18, said he intends to negotiate with the objective of announcing a vote of no confidence in the government. Duke also said that he has already talked with Kahlana and asked him to create an alternative government. In turn, the leader of the «tnua» («Zionist camp»), Tzipi Livni said, «Any sign of the collapse of the government, early elections, is an opportunity to unite forces and to change the government, leading Israel disastrous and destructive way.»

Contradictory comments about the current situation are many Ministers from Likud, demonstrating the absence of a common position in the ruling party over the reform of the radio and television.

The defense Minister, the leader of the party «Israel Our home» Avigdor Lieberman said March 19 during a visit to a military base in tel Hashomer: «Any reasonable person knows, the election is the last thing you need right now to Israel.» Lieberman expressed the hope that on his return from China, Prime Minister and leader of Likud Benjamin Netanyahu will be able to find a way out of the crisis associated with the reform of the public broadcaster.

Note that amid the coalition crisis Israel left and the President of the country. Reuven Rivlin took off on Saturday evening in Hanoi with a week-long official visit at the invitation of the President of the Vietnam Tea Dai Quang. Together with the President of Vietnam sent a large business delegation headed by the Chairman of the Israeli Association of Industrialists, Shraga Brosh with. During the visit, Rivlin will meet with Quang, and Prime Minister of Vietnam Nguyen San Fukui and General Secretary of the Communist party of Vietnam. Also, the President of Israel will take part in the economic forum. During the absence of the President his duties in Israel, according to the law, comply Knesset speaker Yuli Edelstein.

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The Prime Minister and the President left Israel amid a coalition crisis 19.03.2017

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