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The Prime Minister of Israel called «weak» law on the financing of NGOs

Netanyahu appealed on Sunday to leaders of parliamentary factions and said he believes the law on the financing of nonprofit organizations ( NPOs) «too weak» and intends to ban foreign governments to give money to Israeli NGOs.

About it writes on Sunday, June 11, the newspaper «gaarets».

According to a year ago the law, all nonprofits, whose budget is at least 50% consists of donations of foreign governments, should inform all their documents.

Previously, the European Union condemned the law, saying that it goes beyond the legal requirements on transparency of funding and seems to be aimed at restricting the activities of NGOs working in Israel.

Netanyahu reminded the audience that he was able to stop the financial flows from Norway and Israel. The article says that we are talking about the termination by the government of that country providing financial assistance to the women support Centre in the Palestinian village of Burak in the vicinity of Ramallah named after Dalal al-Mughrabi – Fatah activists involved in planning and implementation «of a terrorist attack on the Coastal highway».

Similar actions have been taken and the White house also deprived this institution of financial aid and urged to remove from the building facade logo of the organization UN Women.

Recall that on 11 March 1978 a group of militants of Fatah under the command of Dalal al-Mughrabi landed from the sea near Zichron Yaakov, took in hostages of passengers of several vehicles and put them all in a bus that was headed toward tel Aviv. Along the way, the other terrorists fired at buses and cars.

During the hostage taking and subsequent storming of the bus was killed 39 Israeli civilians, including 13 children. Was killed 9 militants, including al-Mughrabi. In 2008, Israel handed over the remains of al-Mughrabi Lebanese organization «Hezbollah» and the remains of other militants in exchange for the bodies of two Israeli soldiers.

The Prime Minister of Israel called «weak» law on the financing of NGOs 11.06.2017

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