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The Prime Minister of Turkey: Crimea – an integral part of Ukraine

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, who is visiting Kiev, said that he does not consider Crimea a part of Russia. «For us is a fundamental value of the territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine, so we perceive the Crimea as an integral part of Ukraine», – quotes the words of the Turkish Prime Minister, said at the meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the news Agency TASS.

The Turkish head of government stressed that Ukraine is a strategic partner of Turkey, and thanked Kiev for «solidarity on various issues». At the press conference, Davutoglu said that Russia has violated the territorial integrity of Georgia, Ukraine and Syria, reports «Interfax».

«A new concept of Russian policy – the continuation of expansionism and aggression. The situation that began with Abkhazia, in the Crimea continues. Now there are three of the country’s territorial integrity which violated the Russian Federation: Georgia, Ukraine and Syria», – quotes Agency the words of the Turkish Prime Minister.

According to Ankara, today, is under threat the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan because of Armenia, which helps Russia. Davutoglu utverjdaet that Russia was responsible for the death of people in Ukraine and Syria and for the fact that millions of inhabitants of these countries are forced to leave their homes.

«The period of the Soviet Union ended 25 years ago. Attempts to return in this period will not do any good and nothing good,» said Davutoglu, calling on Russia to respect the territorial integrity of Syria and Ukraine.

Relations between Russia and Turkey escalated after the incident with the Russian su-24 bomber, shot down Turkish air force on November 24 in the area of the Syrian-Turkish border. Ankara claims that Russian aircraft violated the airspace of Turkey. In the defense Ministry deny it. In the following months the country has introduced a series of restrictive measures against each other, including economic sanctions, reminds the website

The Prime Minister of Turkey: Crimea – an integral part of Ukraine 15.02.2016

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