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The Professor, who became famous after an interview with BBC, told how his children appeared in the air

Professor of political science, expert on South Korea Robert Kelly became a YouTube star after his interview with BBC, during which live first, there was his little daughter, then a baby in a Walker, and then his wife.

March 14, Professor Kelly said that he felt in that moment, when I saw on the Skype screen, he gave an interview, his daughter, and then other family members.

According to Robert Kelly, usually, speaking to reporters, he closes the door of his office. But this time he forgot to do it. Daughter he saw on the computer screen as soon as she’s in her bright sweater opened the door. The girl was in a wonderful mood after a holiday in kindergarten. In the office are children’s toys and books, so he was hoping that her daughter will sit down to play. Then he gently pushed in the direction of the toys. But the girl remained standing next to dad. He still hoped that the editors will cut those 30 seconds. But when we rolled into room nine-month-old son, and then rushed his wife, he realized that «it’s over».

The Professor said that when he left office, his wife remained in the cabin to watch his BBC interview. Ether was with a 20-second delay. So when she saw the children on the screen, rushed into the office, still hoping to save the situation.

The Professor noted that he and his wife were afraid that this incident will negatively affect his career.

The Professor said that immediately after the interview he sent to the editor of the BBC apologize. However, to his surprise, after a few minutes he called back from the office and asked permission to post the excerpt from the interview in the Internet.

Professor Kelly thanked the Internet users for the favor to him and his family.

The Professor, who became famous after an interview with BBC, told how his children appeared in the air 16.03.2017

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