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The program of construction of 8600 housing units in Ashkelon

The Commission for the promotion of the priority of housing projects approved on Wednesday, August 9, a program to build 8.600 housing units in two building projects in Ashkelon. A promotion program began in the Office of planning nine months ago, and after a discussion of objections, it was adopted. In addition, the program was approved for the construction of 900 housing units in the village of Iksal near Nazareth.

Residential project in Nazareth on 8600 housing units include houses of different plan — from seven to fourteen, the density will be 15 dwelling units on a dunam. The program promoted Land management, in cooperation with the municipality of Ashkelon, it will complement the previously approved by the Commission for the promotion of priority projects program for the development of the city, and these 8.600 housing units the city will increase by 25,000 apartments.

Plot «even Ezra Meme-7» is situated in the North-Eastern part of Ashkelon between existing residential neighborhoods and the industrial zone. The project includes 4,000 units of housing, commercial and industrial areas, parks and gardens, town square, public building. Plot «MEM-6» located at the Northern entrance to Tiberias near the railway line. It will be built 4600 housing units, public buildings, 124.000 square meters of production and commercial space,101.000 square meters industrial space, retail space. In the framework of the development plan will be also extended railway line in the Northern part of the city, and expanded production capacity water treatment complex.

Housing project in the village of Iksal presented to the public for possible objections, using the specified statutory period it will be submitted for approval. The project includes the construction of houses for 900 units of housing, including small apartments, suitable for young couples and the elderly. It also included 6,000 square feet of retail space and a 42 thousand square meters of industrial and commercial space. The project will expand the industrial area of the village. Local authorities have great hopes for the commercial space, which should become an additional source of municipal tax and support the economy of the settlement.

The program of construction of 8600 housing units in Ashkelon 10.08.2017

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